Great Selection of Shower Doors for Home-Improvers in Aldie, VA

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Check out three great options in shower doors! With the help of ABC, residents of Aldie, VA can find the right doors for each shower in the house. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a family business – a trusted glass shop that has been bringing glass shower products to the Northern Virginia region for more than ten years. We want you to be happy with the finished products we install, so we begin your shopping experience with a free informational consultation in the comfort of your home. Dial our number today – (703)257-7150 – and discover the shower doors that meet your family’s needs and décor expectations.

Frameless shower doors
appeal to many Aldie households because of their chic appearance and ease of cleaning. On a frameless unit, you will NOT find an aluminum frame and the tiny voids and spaces that accompany it. What does this mean in terms of the installed unit? It will have a frame-free, flowing appearance, and it will be easier to dry and clean the surfaces of the shower door. If it is your goal to bestow modern elegance on a bathroom in your home, having a frameless glass shower installed is a tremendous step in the right direction!

Semi-frameless shower doors
bring Aldie decorators a look that is partly frameless, while including those pieces of framing made necessary by the structure of some bathrooms. A popular example of a semi-frameless unit is bypass shower doors. These are characterized by –

  •    - Framing at the top and bottom

  •    - Frameless glass edges on the sides

  •    - Double doors that slide past one another along rollers inside metal tracks

This is an example of a commonly-seen semi-frameless shower door, but semi-frameless units can also have swinging doors, more glass on the enclosure, etc. Semi-frameless doors are functional, attractive, and typically more economical than a frameless choice.

Framed shower doors
 have special appeal for Aldie residents who are remodeling on a budget. They still bestow the one-of-a-kind beauty of glass on a bath area, but they also include an aluminum frame and a smaller price tag. Like frameless and semi-frameless choices, framed showers are customized by the glass and hardware chosen by the customer. Glass variations such as clear and frosted are available as well as choices in frame thickness and finish.

In fact, some decorators prefer the bold look of a frame on the glass shower, so don’t make your final decision without checking out framed shower door options. For further facts or to set up your complimentary consultation, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – (703)257-7150!


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