Glass Wine Cellar Brings Love of Wine Home

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, June 29, 2015)

Glass Wine Cellar

People who are in love with wine may fantasize about how to bring their love of wine home…an in-home glass wine cellar might do the trick!  One of the simplest ways to accommodate a wine lovers stock of highly collectable wine is to design and build an in-home wine cellar. 

Due to the wine lover’s obsession with wine a wonderful way for all to see their vast collection would be design a space using glass.   Glass is a beautiful material that allows the beauty of the wine and the storage of the wine to be appreciated by all.  A home wine cellar is just what many wine connoisseurs desire. 

Some things to consider before building your in-home wine cellar-

     •  Location in the home
     •  Natural temperature in chosen location
     •  Building Materials
     •  Direction in which to display bottles of wine

Many homeowners choose to build their home wine cellar in the basement due to the natural cooler temperatures of an area that is underground.  To keep wine for an extended period of time it is important to keep the temperature between 55°-58° F and 55-75% humidity, this is according to Joe Glass, Installation Manager of Wine Cellar Innovations. 

For more information on actual construction of an in-home wine cellar please go to  
Wine Cellar Innovations gives you step by step directions on how to build your very own wine cellar and the many things to consider.

For any self-proclaimed wine expert, their wonderful collection of wine has taken time to grow and they are quite proud.  The best way to share this pride and love of wine is to use glass to enclose the wine.  The glass offers a boundary that is open and allows the wine be the art.  The bottles can easily be displayed so that the entire side is exposed.  This side view allows all the colors and labels of the wine to be clearly visible.

If you want privacy of sound without the boundaries of walls, or a way to view your wine collection with a clear separation of living space…..a glass enclosure will give you exactly what you are looking for! Call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150 for a free in-home estimate for your glass walls.


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