Glass Table Tops Protect Wood in Northern Virginia Homes and Businesses

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, July 07, 2014)

Glass table tops are great for Northern Virginia businesses and homes alike.  Using glass table tops is an easy and surefire way to keep your wood table tops looking like new.  Table tops are some of the most used surfaces in the home.  Although you may not think about how integral tables are to our daily lives, we use them for most daily functions.  Here are some examples of table usage:

  •    - eat on them

  •    - drink on them

  •    - place cups with condensation on them

  •    - cut on them

  •    - write on them

  •    - place things on them

All of these actions can produce significant damage to the surface of your table.  Remember, simply placing a drink on a table can ruin the wood surface.  So, just by adding glass to your table top you can protect the surface increasing the beauty and longevity of your table. A huge plus to adding glass as a protective barrier on top of your wood is the ease of cleaning. 

Using glass to protect your wood surfaces allows you to easily clean your tables by just spraying some store bought glass cleaner on the glass and then wiping it off.  Voila!!! Your table is clean without risking water or chemical damage to your surface. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can come to your home or business and customize a pattern for your unique table or wood furniture surface. 

The glass will be cut and the edges will be finished as you desire.  After the glass table top is complete, we will deliver it and place it on the surface you would like to protect.  You can also choose to come and pick it up from our full-service glass shop.  Give us a call today to discuss all your options in glass table tops at 703-257-7150.    


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