Glass Shower Enclosure Transforms Bathroom in Falls Church, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, August 16, 2012)

Glass Shower Enclosure Transforms Bathroom in Falls Church, VA The shower enclosure is very noticeable feature in a bathroom - do the enclosures in your Falls Church home impart the aura of elegance and class that you desire? Or is this an area of your home that is ready for an upgrade? If you want to explore the possibilities for renewing the shower area in this way, set up a free in-home estimate and consultation with an expert from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park.

You can call us at (703)257-7150 or come to our office at 8395-B Euclid Avenue between 7 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. You’ll want to make sure your new shower enclosure coordinates well with the other fixtures and the overall décor scheme. Fortunately, we bring Falls Church residents great variety in shower enclosures, so you can design the item that’s perfect you and for the bathroom in your home. Perhaps you have not given much thought to the overall style of your bath area. Before making your shower selections, take a look at the sink, vanity, commode, etc. If they are classic and versatile, you can choose a shower enclosure that shares this broad appeal, or you can create one that will clearly define the style of the room.

Alternatively, if your existing fixtures are conspicuously modern, retro, or some other mode, you’ll want to either choose an enclosure that continues this theme or at least make sure that it melds harmoniously with other elements. It’s also important to choose a shower enclosure that will meet your household’s practical needs and make your Falls Church home more functional overall. Privacy is one issue to consider, especially when selecting glass.

Glass selections range from ultra-clear to highly frosted (acid-etched). Additionally, we supply colored and patterned glass which offers varying levels of seclusion. You’ll also need to decide between swinging and sliding door function, opt for one or two doors, and consider special treatments to help keep the glass clean. It’s helpful to ponder who will be using the bathroom – you might prefer one type of door for your children and another for your guests – as well as the bathroom dimensions and the location of accompanying bathroom fixtures.

When a glass shower enclosure is added to a home, Falls Church residents have noticed that the overall look of the bath area is changed. Taking out a cracked fiberglass enclosure draped with a soggy curtain and putting in place a sparkling shower constructed of glass is an effective way to bring your bath area up-to-date and make it a more welcoming room. You may even discover that your morning is brightened by a visit to this lovely new shower area!

Don’t wait to delight your family and guests with a new shower enclosure! Falls Church homeowners don’t have to look far to find a respected, family-owned company to help with this project. Contact ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., set-up your personalized in-home consultation, and design the shower enclosure of your dreams with the help of a trained glazing professional. (703) 257-7150


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