Glass Shower Enclosure Can Cure Bathroom Blues in Clifton, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, November 16, 2012)

Switching from a standard tub and curtain to a glass shower enclosure is a wise move for Clifton, VA homeowners who are starting each morning in bathroom that’s grown a little worn and weary. If the shower curtain is drooping – literally or figuratively – it’s time to think about making a total change by having a glass enclosure installed. You want quality materials and professional glass installation, so calling ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is the first step. Before you commit to a purchase, we can visit your home for a free estimate and shower enclosure conference – call (703)257-7150 to book your appointment! The term, “glass shower enclosure,” can be used for a wide variety of units.

You’ll see Clifton homes with full glass shower stalls, houses where the glass is limited to the door and one partial wall, and everything in between. Custom shower work is what we do at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., so you can work with a professional to design the most suitable enclosure for your dwelling. Be sure consider exciting, dramatic possibilities like steam showers and L-shaped shower stalls, and know that we can provide glass enclosures and steam showers for most bathrooms, even those that are small or have an irregular shape. Using the right glass on the shower enclosure is vitally important, so Clifton customers will be glad to know that we supply a wide range of glazing options.

For example, we have clear and Ultra-clear glazing, glass with acid-etched designs, glass that has a uniform “frosty” look, patterned glass, and even colored glass. The glass is what really defines each enclosure, so you’ll love being able to weigh the various options with the help of an experienced specialist from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. A glass enclosure is, of course, not complete without your choice of shower doors. In Clifton and elsewhere, the most basic choice revolves around how the doors will open – by swinging or by sliding. Sliding doors have the advantage of being very space-friendly, while swinging doors are considered by some to be the more elegant and visually striking option.

Often, there is one moving panel on a sliding door, but those who opt for the swinging door function will need to determine whether one door or two is most suitable. Of course, available space, decorating scheme, and your budget are factors that should be taken into account here. If what you’ve learned about the glass shower enclosure possibilities has you intrigued, schedule a free shower glass conference in your Clifton, VA home. Simply call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150, schedule your appointment, and await the arrival of the glazier. This specialist will work to resolve your concerns and questions, offer pertinent insights, and leave you with a quote, so that you can make a decision at your leisure. Imagine how different your bathroom could look with a pristine glass enclosure in place of your existing tub and curtain – call today to take the first step toward transformation!


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