Glass Shelving Provides Storage Solutions for Virginia Woodturner

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, April 23, 2015)

Where most people see a piece of firewood, woodturner Tom Zepeda of Sylvan Vessels sees potential – potential for an artistic sculpture…potential for a huge salad bowl...the chance to uncover the beauty and functionality hidden beneath a log’s surface. Each of Tom’s handmade wooden vessels is a one-of-a-kind item that allows its purchaser to bring a little piece of creation’s natural beauty into his or her home. In fact, many pieces are fashioned from reclaimed logs, and all are crafted from locally and responsibly sourced wood. Finished bowls that are posted in his Sylvan Vessels Etsy shop - - need to be safely stored until they are shipped, and with attractive items like this the best storage solution is one that keeps the bowls on display, too. That is why Tom decided to add glass shelving from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. to his living room walls.

The installation of two sets of four glass shelves gives Tom space to house about 32 bowls, so the living room décor is always fresh as bowls are sold and replaced by new creations. Prior to the glass shelves, many bowls had to be wrapped and stored in tubs, which meant extra time spent locating the right bowl each time a sale was made. Now all that’s needed is to step into the living room and quickly peruse the displayed bowls. The glass shelving offers benefits beyond convenience and accessibility, though. The shelves themselves have been an attractive addition to the home with their crisp lines, smooth glass surfaces, and oil rubbed bronze brackets. Additionally, the clarity of the glass preserves the room’s sense of openness and keeps the bowls front and center.  Perhaps best of all, Tom and his family are now able to enjoy each vessel he creates until it is sold.

These living room shelves are not the first glass shelves Tom has used, though. When participating in local festivals and craft shows, he also needs a display system that is both aesthetically appealing in itself and capable of safely showcasing his work. For this purpose, Tom designed a setup that includes both glass and wood shelves. With the many surfaces provided by these shelves he is able to display a wide variety of vessels at each venue he visits. It’s easy to see that the clarity of glass both contrasts with and complements the wood to yield great visual impact merged with convenient storage and display of these unique bowls.


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