Glass Enclosure Makes a Dramatic Difference in Purcellville, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, August 07, 2012)

Consider purchasing a glass enclosure when you remodel or add another bathroom to your Purcellville, VA home. This is an item that can change the atmosphere of your bath area, making it a joy to enter. Offering an appealing line of these glass shower enclosures, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a Manassas Park company that provides a complimentary in-home estimate and consultation to prospective patrons. Investigate the glass shower enclosure possibilities by calling (703)257-7150 to arrange your free meeting with a professional glazier!

Alternatively, if you prefer to visit our showroom in person, you’ll find us at 8395-B Euclid Ave. in Manassas Park, VA. When you order a glass shower enclosure for your Purcellville residence, you’ll be transforming the look of the shower area. A glass enclosure means that, in addition to a glass door or doors, one or more of the shower walls will also be partly or entirely constructed from glass. Thus, an enclosure could have a door and partial wall of glass; it could be little “room” with every wall made of glass; or it could be somewhere in between.

This wide range of possibilities allows us to construct enclosures for bathrooms of many sizes, room shapes, and décor styles. Since we are custom shower specialists, we can work with you to design the customized enclosure that will meet your household’s needs while bringing loveliness to the shower area! Besides choosing the amount of glass used on the enclosure, Purcellville homeowners must make other important design choices.

Some of the possibilities are expanded on below –

  •    - Inline door and panel – An enclosure on which the sliding door opens by passing in front of a fixed wall of glass.

  •    - Neo-angle – This shower enclosure construction features angles that are greater than 90 degrees, an option that allows for maximum use of space in some bath areas.

  •    - L-shaped, right-angle – Here, the enclosure is shaped like a capital letter “L,” creating a spacious shower that is perfect for large bathrooms.

  •    - Steam shower – The enclosure walls meet the ceiling to trap steam within the enclosure. An opening transom allows the user to control steam levels and maintain optimal conditions within the shower stall.

  •    - Custom – Design a glass shower enclosure with the unique dimensions you desire. Make your vision a dramatic reality with the help of experienced glaziers!

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. gives interested homeowners and designers the chance to delve into all the possibilities at the free consultation! Whether you’re in the market for a glass enclosure or another glass/mirror item, call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. a respected company servicing Purcellville and the Northern Virginia area. The number to call for courteous service and a free in-home conference is (703) 257-7150!    


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