Glass Backsplash can Bring Beauty to Your House in McLean, VA!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, December 18, 2013)

You can brighten things up this winter by adding a glass backsplash to the kitchen or bathroom in your McLean, VA home! ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. sells and installs backsplashes that are constructed using Dreamwalls back-painted glass by Gardner Glass. This extremely versatile product can be subtle or a bold burst of color in your living space.

Since Dreamwalls glass is created by painting the back of ultra-clear glass, it is available in virtually any color; the paint is simply mixed to your desired shade. (Stock colors are also offered.) Moreover, you can opt for a backsplash of one uniform shade or for a “tiled” look that includes pieces of glass of different colors. The sky’s the limit with backsplashes made of Dreamwalls glass, so call for a free in-home consultation –
(703)257-7150! A glass backsplash from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. will certainly add beauty to your McLean residence. However, the benefits do not end in the realm of aesthetics.

For instance if you order a backsplash that is comprised of only one piece of glass or of just a few pieces, cleaning is a breeze compared to backsplashes with lots of indents and grout to clean. Furthermore, a glass backsplash is a wonderful idea if you currently have painted drywall behind a sink. If so, you have certainly seen how hard it is to keep this drywall free of stains and water spots. Cover it with a lovely and impermeable glass backsplash and give the sink area a real boost!
To summarize, a glass backsplash brings both visual appeal and practical benefits to McLean home improvers.

  •    - Available in custom colors

  •    - Characterized by modern elegance

  •    - Can be created with a seamless look or a tiled look

  •    - Offer protection to walls behind sinks

  •    - Easy to clean with approved glass cleaner

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