Full-Service Glass Shop in Northern Virginia Uses Glass and Mirror in Home Improvement Projects

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, April 28, 2014)

  • Why not consider using glass or mirror for your next home improvement project?  ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a local glass shop in Northern Virginia that will help create custom glass and mirror ideas.  When most people think of home improvement projects the first material that comes to mind is probably wood.  Truth be told, wood is the most common building material, but it is not the only building material.  Glass can replace many different types of material including drywall, cloth, tile, plastic and most other building materials.

Glass and mirror are fantastic materials to use to create different looks and function for your home.  For example, instead of building wood shelves in your home try using glass.  Glass shelving opens up the space instead of limiting the space with the opaqueness of wood. Glass shelving is just one example of choosing glass over other materials for projects in the home.   Glass can also be used instead of drywall.  If you are trying to keep a space bright and open, creating a wall of glass to limit noise maybe better than creating a wall with the standard drywall.  Glass has limitless uses in the home and can help you to create a new fresh look in many different rooms.  Here are some examples of when glass and mirror might be used over other materials:

   - Glass shower doors instead of shower curtain

  •    - Glass walls instead of drywall

  •    - Mirror instead of tile

  •    - Glass instead of wood for shelving

Mirror can be used as an alternative to standard materials as well.  Mirrors are one material that actually increases the reflection of light which in turn makes spaces brighter.  Another interesting attribute of mirrors is, due to its powers of reflection, it gives the illusion of space.  The best example of switching out mirrors for another material is using mirror as a back splash instead of tile. 

Choosing mirror for your backsplash with do all the things that have mirrors do for any space…..lighten and brighten!!! ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your local glass and mirror expert.  We can help you create many custom home improvements with glass and mirror as your choice material.   Please give us a call today at 703-257-7150 to discuss your ideas.


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