Frameless, Semi-frameless, and Framed Shower Doors: Attractive Options for Dumfries Homeowners

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, July 24, 2013)

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a great source for shower doors for homeowners in Dumfries and the rest of Northern Virginia. For a free estimate and in-home consultation, call (703)257-7150. We offer diverse styles in frameless, semi-frameless, and framed shower doors. Currently, the trend is toward frame-free construction, so let’s start with our frameless shower door options. These shower doors and enclosures are characterized by the presence of unframed sheets of glass and the absence of aluminum strips. You may be wondering what keeps the glass in place if framing is avoided. Each piece of glass is secured by small metal components, like clips or hinges, and caulk joints are also used in the building of a frameless unit.

Glass takes center stage and makes these showers look fresh, modern, and stylish. Semi-frameless shower doors are also a popular choice for Dumfries, VA homes. On doors of this type, you will see both framed and unframed glass edges. Sometimes a home decorator wants a frameless door but has a bathroom with structural issues that make it impossible to safely install one. In this case, we will include just enough framing to adequately secure the door or enclosure, leaving the other glass unframed to achieve as much of a frameless look as possible. Additionally, some kinds of shower doors move by gliding along a metal track, so these styles are, by definition, semi-frameless or framed.

Finally, we have framed shower doors, which many Dumfries residents are probably already familiar with. On these classic units, all the glass is fully framed. This style is still in demand, but less so than the other two. However, it is the first choice of some homeowners for a few reasons.

  • With a full metal frame present, we can use thinner and, therefore, less costly glass in constructing the unit. This lower cost is shared with the customer, making framed doors popular with homeowners who are remodeling on a budget.

  • To some degree the shower glass is protected by the aluminum frame, and this might be a plus in a high-traffic bathroom or a shower used by kids.

  • Varying personal tastes mean that some designers simply prefer the traditional appearance of framed shower doors.

Whether no framing, some framing, or lots of framing is the right look for your bathroom, get shower doors for your Dumfries home from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. With ABC, you can count on quality materials, assorted choices and optional extras, as well as reliable installation by one of our polite crews. (703)257-7150


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