Frame or No Frame? Choosing the Right Shower Door

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, April 17, 2015)

“Frame or no frame?” is a question asked by modern homeowners who are choosing a glass shower door. In fact, making the right choice is vital to the success of a bathroom remodel, and the right option for you is determined by a range of factors. Points of interest include the door’s actual appearance, the door’s ability to complement the rest of your décor, ease of cleaning, and cost. Not surprisingly, there are pros and cons to both framed and frameless shower door systems. 
A shower door with no frame is built from thick tempered glass. This heavier glass is needed to compensate for the exclusion of metal supports. Frameless shower door “pros” include – 
A high-end, glamorous look that is hard to match.
Ease of cleaning since many nooks and crannies are eliminated.
Ability to keep shower tile in plain sight, unblocked by strips of aluminum.
There is only one significant “con” to frameless shower doors, but this can be the deciding factor for some homeowners – 
More costly than framed or semi-frameless shower doors.
Moving on to shower doors with frames, we have two classifications – framed and semi-frameless. Put simply, a door is labeled “framed” when every piece of glass is bordered by an aluminum frame. On the other hand, a system is labeled “semi-frameless” if it includes both framed and unframed glass edges. Because these doors contain more metal components, thinner glass can be utilized. “Pros” of shower doors with a full or partial frame include – 
Lower cost, especially for fully framed doors.
Greater versatility regarding design and placement of the enclosure.
Protection of vulnerable glass edges.
“Cons” of these doors include – 
Less glamorous appearance. (Although this is somewhat a matter of personal taste.)
A bit trickier to keep clean.
Metal strips that impede full visibility of tile-work inside the shower.
As you strive to decide the “frame or no frame” question for your project, it can be helpful to view photos of frameless, semi-frameless, and framed units; look at various bathroom designs in home décor books; ascertain your remodeling budget and how much you can allocate to the shower door; and talk to glass professionals about what shower door options are workable for your bathroom. Keep in mind that all shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – whether frameless, semi-frameless, or framed – are constructed from high-quality glass and metal and installed by trained glaziers.


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