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If you’re doing an internet search for “easy home improvements,” this is probably one of those days when you look around your house and don’t know where to begin. You know it’s not living up to its potential and the ideals you have for an inviting and convenient living space, but you can’t afford to gut it and start over!

Many sub-par rooms don’t really need a wrecking ball and a renovation that breaks the bank; they just need the right alterations that give them fresh life or a boost in functionality. Here are some ideas for quickly updating and improving the rooms you use every day.


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   •    Hang a large mirror. Whether it’s an unframed or framed mirror, hanging a large piece of reflective glass on an unused wall will greatly alter a room’s visual impact. Wonderful locations for a wall mirror include above a mantle, across from a picture window, over the master bath vanity, and in any small room that needs to look larger.


   •    Drench the room with color. Especially suitable for a small, boring room, this technique allows you define and enliven a dull space with color. Select a color that makes you feel good, and then paint the walls, trim, and ceiling. (Picture what this could do for your laundry room, utility room, or walk-in pantry!)


   •    Replace old shelves and cabinet inserts with glass for another easy home improvement. When glass shelves supplant dingy faux wood ones or cabinet glass makes your kitchen cupboards look totally different, you’ll see how glass can update a room while preserving your chosen décor scheme.


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   •    Switch out your wall hangings and throw pillows. It’s true – inexpensive wall hangings and decorative pillows can give your living room a new theme and up to date style. There’s tons of info online about décor trends, so find a photo of a room you like and then introduce that look into your space with a few key accessories.


   •    Use a glass whiteboard to improve your home office or homeschooling room. A whiteboard does not have to be a flimsy eyesore or simply a utilitarian aspect of a room. A whiteboard made of back-painted glass is highly serviceable but also very sleek and classy.


   •    Notice and improve the little things. A room can be dragged down by little problem areas such as dirty trim, a musty sofa, or a cluttered shelf. Sometimes a thorough cleaning is a necessary, though not too fun, first step in making a room pleasant.


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   •    A final suggestion for an easy home improvement is to just change the lighting; new light fixtures truly pack a powerful punch in bettering a space. Updated lighting can mean simply replacing your existing ceiling lights or fans with modern items or perhaps adding additional light options such as table lamps or recessed lighting. Using translucent window treatments is another possibility if more natural light is what you need.


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