Dreamwalls Color Glass Has Lots to Offer Quantico Residents!!!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, July 10, 2014)

Dreamwalls/back-painted glass is a product that can transform homes in Quantico. From the bathroom to the home office, any room in a home can benefit from this versatile glass. It consists of ultra-clear, low iron glass that is painted on one side. This layer of paint is covered with a final coat of protectant. Dreamwalls glass is available in standard shades and custom colors.

The pieces can be huge or as small as 4” x 4”. These versatile features mean that Dreamwalls glass is suited to diverse projects and applications. Discover the potential of back-painted glass by calling ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150 and scheduling a free in-home glass consultation!

Popular uses for Dreamwalls include the following. Would one or more of these benefit your Quantico residence?

  •    - Seamless backsplash

  •    - Backsplash made from small squares of glass

  •    - Classy whiteboard

  •    - Modern wall art

  •    - Easy to sanitize wall covering

With Dreamwalls back-painted glass you can have the sparkle of glass along with hues that complement your color scheme. Whether you want to add bright colors to a space or keep it neutral, Dreamwalls will help you fulfill your objectives. By means of color-matching techniques, your Dreamwalls glass can be created in any color you dream up! Dreamwalls glass makes a great wall covering in parts of your Quantico home where normal drywall is at risk of being stained. This could be in the kitchen, around the bathroom sink, or someplace else.

Glass holds up to splashes, splatters, and grimy fingers better than drywall. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can often install seamless or relatively seamless back-splashes and wall coverings. Unlike their tile counterparts, these are not full of grout lines where dirt can buildup. Additionally, smooth glass surfaces are easy to sanitize. Speak to a glass professional about Dreamwalls by calling ABC at (703)257-7150!


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