Dreamwalls Color Glass Adds Color and Sparkle to Annandale Buildings!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, January 31, 2014)

Modern decorating takes on a new twist thanks to Dreamwalls Color Glass by Gardner Glass. Whether you are an Annandale homeowner, entrepreneur, or interior designer, Dreamwalls is a product you should explore. Moreover, this innovative glass is one of the many versatile products supplied and installed by your local glaziers at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.!

Dreamwalls melds the beauty of clear glass and the appeal of color. It is created by painting the back of extra-clear glass and then applying a final coat over the paint to protect the product and preserve the vibrancy of the color. From functional applications to pure art, Dreamwalls presents you with a dazzling solution to many interior design needs.

Due to the manufacturing process, your Dreamwalls color glass can be any color you want! Gardner’s high-level color matching process gives Annandale customers the unique hues they need for successful decorating. Here are some of the ways that colorful back-painted glass can be used to improve the atmosphere of your home –

  •    - Backsplashes made of one or more long sheets of Dreamwalls glass

  •    - Backsplashes made from many small “tiles” of Dreamwalls glass

  •    - Wall art that showcases radiant colors and a clean, contemporary appearance

  •    - A stylish partition in a heavily used bathroom

Since we can supply you with large sheets of Dreamwalls glass as well as pieces as small as 4” by 4”, tons of possible creations are waiting for your consideration!
Commercial sites can also be changed by Dreamwalls when Annandale business persons join their ideas with ABC’s terrific products and services. Uses for Dreamwalls in stores, offices, and other businesses include –

  •    - Chic whiteboards

  •    - Wall coverings that enlighten the space and are easy to clean

  •    - Privacy partitions that boost aesthetic appeal

  •    - Backsplashes in customer or employee restrooms

Don’t hesitate to call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at (703)257-7150 and ask us to visit your business or home location for a free Dreamwalls consultation!


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