Don’t Leave Your Windows Feeling Naked…Dress Them Up Inside and Outside!

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Glass Windows

Naked windows can be boring so decorate them!  Your windows serve a very important function in your house, but it doesn’t mean your windows can’t be beautiful both inside and outside. 

Decorating your windows can be fun and offer your home a hospitality that few homes can give.  Before we begin, let’s talk about the reasons we have windows in our homes.  One of the most obvious utilitarian purposes windows serve is to allow you to see the outdoors while bringing nature’s light inside.


We can also open them to allow the fresh spring breeze or the crisp autumn air to fill the inside of our homes.  Windows also keep the cool air indoors in the summer and the cold out in the winter.  And depending on their energy efficiency windows with a good NFRC rating can save you a great deal of money on your heating and cooling bill. 


All of the important window function aside, decorating your glass windows will make your house a home…and an inviting one at that!


Decorating Your Windows Outside

Two of the easiest window decorating tips for outdoors are:

    •    Shutters
    •    Window boxes

When talking about shutters our minds probably first go to the standard shutter that you see on most homes.  And by standard I don’t mean one kind because even with the “normal” shutters there are many options. There are the ones that have many slats and the ones that have a rectangle instead of slats. 


Window Replacement 


So remember there are several options in standard shutters.  However, there are also plenty of options in custom shutters.  One particularly interesting choice for custom shutters are those that actually serve a purpose which is they actually close!!!  Just like back in the olden days!!! 


Make sure you consider color, too.  The color of your shutters can personalize your home.  There are many great color combinations depending on your siding, brick or stone color!  Things to remember:

    •    Standard shutters
    •    Custom shutters
    •    Color

The next decorating tip for outdoors is adding window boxes under your windows.  Adding window boxes allows you to add seasonal flowers to display and grow during most seasons of the year.  There are also different kinds of window boxes. 


You can choose from a variety of different woods for your windows boxes. There is also a huge selection of plastic boxes with many different pattern options and colors!

    •    Types of Woods
    •    Colors and Patterns for Plastic boxes
    •    Different seasonal flowers


Decorating Your Windows Inside

There are several ways to decorate your windows on the interior of your home.

    •    Blinds
    •    Curtains/Valance
    •    Shades
    •    Curtain Rod and Fabric


Glass Replacment

There are so many variations that can help to create your window décor!  If you choose blinds for your window you do not have to decorate with anything else, but you can!  You could add a personally chosen curtain rod and curtains or valance. 


You could also choose to use a pull down shade along with any combination of curtain rod, fabric, curtain or valance.  You could also add a strand of faux flowers, berries or any type of garland. 


There are so many variations that can help to create your window décor! 


Here is a quick reference of things to consider for indoor window decorating:

    •    Color
    •    Style of Rod
    •    Types of Blinds
    •    Types of Shades



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