Do’s and Don’ts of Bathroom Design

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, July 02, 2015)

Shower Doors

1.Do choose flooring that stands up well to moisture.
Possibilities include tile and linoleum.

2.Don’t extend your hardwood floors into the bathroom.
It is a real challenge to keep wood flooring dry in a bathroom setting.

3.Do select a glass shower door that can operate conveniently in your space.
Bypass doors and frameless sliding shower doors are good options if you don’t have a lot of extra room around the shower’s entry. If you are considering swinging shower doors, keep in mind that building codes specify that they must be hung in such a way that they can swing outward into the bathroom.


4.Don’t choose a swinging shower door if there is insufficient clearance. Avoid a situation in which your swinging shower door could collide with another bathroom appliance when swung open.


5.Do consider easy to clean shower door glass. Options include ShowerGuard glass and glass with a brushed-on ClearShield coating.


6.Don’t neglect to care for your glass shower. Whatever kind of glass you have on your shower enclosure, be sure to follow the care instructions by drying and cleaning the glass per recommendations. Unkempt shower glass can become corroded, stained, and cloudy, and thus detract from your bathroom’s atmosphere.


7.Do consider a water-saving commode.  These Eco-friendly toilets can also reduce your utility bills.


8.Don’t neglect to pick an appropriately sized commode for your space. If your restroom is little, do an online search for compact toilet options.


9.Do select a quality vanity mirror. Make sure to provide plenty of mirror wall in a high-use bathroom – two mirrors in a master bath, for instance.


10.Don’t forget to tailor the style of the vanity mirror to the bathroom. Options include everything from ornately framed rectangular mirrors to unframed asymmetrical mirrors, so you can surely find the right item for your bathroom’s theme.


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