Discover the Right Corner Shower for Your Residence in Fairfax Station, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, November 13, 2013)

In preparation for Christmas houseguests, have a pristine new corner shower installed in your Fairfax Station, VA home. With options ranging from gigantic frameless enclosures to more budget-friendly framed stalls, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is the company to call – (703)257-7150. You’ll be happy with the friendly customer service we offer, complete with a free in-home consultation to start off the project. We hope you’ll check out the photos and product descriptions on our website to get ideas about what item would be suitable for the bathroom in your house. The journey to an updated, beautified shower area begins with a phone call to ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park!

Our most luxurious corner shower options are constructed from frameless glass. For Fairfax Station homeowners who want a high-end enclosure with the highest level of modern elegance, frameless glass is the way to go. When frameless glass is used on a corner shower, it is held in place, not by aluminum framing, but discreet metal fasteners as well as caulk joints. The result is a free-flowing appearance as the eye moves smoothly from panel to panel without the visual barriers formed by a frame.

Frameless glass also yields a more open-feeling interior so that the stall can seem less confining. Plus the frameless corner shower, ABC brings Fairfax Station families framed and semi-frameless stalls.

  •    * Framed showers – Typically a more economical choice, the framed shower is a traditional choice in glass shower design. A bold aluminum frame provides stability on this type of stall.

  •    * Semi-frameless showers – Uniting frameless and framed styles, this type of stall is usually at a median price point and provides a solution for customers who appreciate the appearance of frameless glass but own a restroom with structural issues that make some pieces of frame necessary.

Regardless of which of three types of corner shower you prefer, dial (703)257-7150 for ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.    


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