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The steam shower has come to Lovettsville, VA – is it time to add one to your home? If you use steam for reasons of health or like to make it part of your daily skincare regimen, think about facilitating this by having a steam shower put in your house. Skilled in custom shower projects, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is family business that specializes in glass showers.

If you're tired of stressful do-it-yourself home improvement and would like an experience marked by expertise, courtesy, and quality, call (703)257-7150 to speak with one of our in-house glaziers. We'll also line up a complimentary visit to your house for a consultation and estimate, so call today!   A Brand New Steam Shower First let's talk about putting a steam shower in a new Lovettsville home, in a new bathroom, or in a bathroom that is undergoing significant renovation.

In these situations, our customers can choose from a wide range of configurations and variations for the shower stall and doors. Some of the available options are -

  •    - frameless, semi-frameless, framed

  •    - sliding, swinging, bypass

  •    - clear, colored, patterned, frosted

  •    - varying amounts of glass used in the construction of the stall

  •    - number of door panels

Whichever variations you choose, your steam shower will be marked by a floor-to-ceiling stall (to trap the steam) and one or more user-controlled steam vents.  

A Steam Shower Conversion

A steam shower is also possible for many of our friends in Lovettsville who are not ready or able to have a complete new shower installed. In most cases, a homeowner's existing shower can be turned into a steam stall through the addition of enough glass to make it a floor-to-ceiling enclosure. One of these added panels will also contain the steam vent, so your converted shower will have the properties of a steam unit.

To find out if this is possible for one of the showers in your family's dwelling, call to arrange a free visit from an ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. glass shower specialist.   Steam shower customers in Lovettsville, VA can call on a local, family company when they want quality glass shower products, a warranty, and good customer service. Dial (703)257-7150 for ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., a team that will bring decades of experience to your shower project!


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