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If you’re shower door shopping, you’ve probably considered upgrading to a frameless shower and thus improving your Centreville home. As you work to finalize your shower door decisions, it can be useful to learn more about this popular unframed style. However, whether you end up choosing frameless, semi-frameless, or framed, you can purchase attractive shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. and have them put place by one of our teams of expert installers – (703)257-7150. And if you have more bathroom improvements on your honey-do list, make sure to ask about our mirrors and glass backsplashes.

Frameless shower design is often paired with clear glass in Centreville, VA residences, so let’s consider the features that make this combo so appealing. For one thing, each piece of glass melds smoothly into the next without the conspicuous seams created by pieces of framing. Furthermore, clear glass visually “expands” the shower, and gives the impression of more space than what is truly present. This can make a large stall feel even vaster or can keep a small shower from seeming cramped and claustrophobic. When artistic shower tile is present, a frameless clear glass enclosure offers the further benefit of preserving a clear picture of the tile.

This winning combination keeps both glass and tile as the focus of the bathroom. It is a fact that not every bathroom can be fitted with a frameless shower, though. Centreville residents need to be aware of the truth that structural concerns can necessitate the inclusion of at least a little bit of framing. This is one reason that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. also supplies shower doors with a frame.

  • Semi-frameless – The degree of framing can range from a significant amount to very little.

  • Framed – A full frame is in place around each piece of shower glass.

Besides looking different, the three styles also differ in cost. From most economical to most costly, we have – framed, semi-frameless, and frameless. The main reason for this price variation is the fact that frame allows us to use thinner glass, which is more budget-friendly. With the assistance of ABC, you can find the right item! (703)257-7150!


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