Designers Share Why Frameless Shower Doors Complement Every Bathroom

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, February 21, 2013)

In the article, “Expert Talk: Frameless Showers Get Show of Support” the author, Lawrence Karol, talks with different designers about their use of shower doors in many different design scenarios.  Furthermore, the designers clearly lay out the reasons they look to frameless shower doors to solve their design dilemmas. 

In this cutting-edge article on shower doors, twelve designers look at twelve different bathrooms and describe why they recommend a frameless glass shower door for each design scheme.   Each designer shares individual reasons and suggestions as to their use of frameless clear glass shower doors as their go to design element. 

Here are the twelve tips that these designers have come up with to promote the use of frameless shower doors in almost every bathroom space:

  1. Keep it Open and Airy

  2. A designer from Amoroso Design suggest placing a clear glass shower in between two vanities.  She believes that this design element keeps the bathroom space “open and airy.”

  3. Move the Shower for Light

  4. Ines Hanl a designer from The Sky is the Limit Design recommends moving the frameless glass shower in front of the window to give the appearance of more light without having to enlarge the window space.

  5. Both Modern and Traditional

  6. Maybe add a steam shower, but also keep traditional cherry cabinets.  Balancing the old and the new.

  7. Both Modern and Rustic

  8. Kelly Solon of Murdock Solon Architects was working on a renovation in an old stone gatehouse.  The dilemma for Kelly was to give the old home a new, cutting edge feel while maintaining the beauty of its rustic heritage.  Ultimately, she decided that adding a frameless glass shower would do the trick.

  9. Let Your Shower Be Your Stage

  10. Don’t cover up that beautiful tile work, let your clear glass frameless shower be your stage.

  11. Add the Illusion of Space to a Small Room

  12. Kimberly Arnold Fletcher of Spectrum Design Group wanted to create an open feel that was able to bring the beauty of the outdoors to the bathroom.  As in any space, large or small, the3 clear frameless shower improved the appearance by adding the illusion of space with an open and airy feel.

  13. Brighten Your Shower Area with Natural Light

  14. Alison Causer of  Alison Crauser Design promotes the use of frameless shower doors to eliminate the feeling of division that a metal frame can create.   She also suggests adding a skylight to the shower area to complement the feeling of openness and natural light of the frameless shower.

  15. Maximize the View

  16. Kerry Ellis of Benning Design Associates urges clients to maximize the view within their luxury bathrooms by adding a frameless shower.

  17. Elegant is the Way to Go

  18. Adding a frameless shower offers sleek clean lines which immediately give the appearance of elegance.

  19. Simplicity at Its Best

  20. Sometimes the design concept is simply keeping the bathroom simple.  The frameless shower doors, at times, are almost undetectable.  The clear glass becomes the best camouflage and allows for the area to speak for itself.

  21. A Feeling of Peace and Calm Created with Frameless Shower Doors

  22. Justine Sterling of Justine Sterling Design is unequivocal in her reasons for using a clear frameless shower to create a sense of calm.  She shared that using a frameless shower door in her design was critical in creating a translucency and, more importantly openness and peace.

  23. Frameless Shower Doors Invite Nature

  24. Adding a frameless shower is the clear choice when wanting to bring nature into home and bath.

Every bathroom showcased in the article is a unique space that was complemented with the use of frameless shower doors.  To read the entire article and view each of the twelve unique bathroom spaces go to If you are in Northern Virginia area and are in the market to update your home and bath with new frameless shower doors, visit our shower door gallery at or contact us at 703-257-7150.


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