Design a One-of-a-Kind Corner Shower for Your Fairfax, VA Home

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, October 08, 2012)

Isn’t the custom corner shower in the photo striking? A homeowner in Fairfax, VA can have a shower enclosure that expresses her or his unique style and creativity in a similar manner. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a family company that’s been doing custom shower work in Northern Virginia for the past ten years, and we’d love to help you bring to reality your distinctive glass shower vision. The creation of your dramatic new shower begins with a free in-home consultation. A glass professional will survey the shower area, listen as you explain your design goals and practical requirements, offer tips and guidance based on his experience working with glass showers, and give you a complimentary quote. Your creative vision and our glazing experience contribute to the building of the perfect glass shower for your home! As mentioned, the pictured shower is a corner shower, a style that is appreciated by many in Fairfax. The installation of a corner shower is often an effective method of maximizing existing floor space in a given bathroom while adding the special elegance of glass to the area. The corner shower in the photo is roughly square-shaped, but this is not the only possibility. Many corner showers use a neo-angle design for a better fit into the available space. Browse our photo gallery (GALLERY tab above) to view this alternate design. To make a corner shower or other type of enclosure truly one’s own, Fairfax home decorators must make important hardware choices. For instance, selecting the right handle is crucial to achieving the overall impression you are striving for. The pictured shower has a simple chrome handle that pairs well with the eye-catching but understated style of the shower as a whole.

At ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. we offer different handles, such as ladder style and Colonial, to correspond with the widely varying preferences of our clients. As important as the hardware is, it’s the choice of glass that will really define the new corner shower in your Fairfax, VA home. Pictured here, we have what is commonly referred to as “frosted” glass. The frosty appearance comes from acid etching and the result is a glass that offers the privacy sought by some homeowners. Clear glass is another popular choice, one that shows off the tile in your shower and brings a more open feeling to your room. In addition, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. supplies both colored and patterned glass choices. If you’ve been envisioning a distinctive corner shower for your home in Fairfax, give ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. a ring and join forces with a team of experienced glaziers.

Your project will receive the personalized attention needed to create a finished product that will meet or exceed your goals, and you’ll enjoy picking from our many glass and hardware possibilities to put together a special shower enclosure design. To set up your personalized design consultation, call (703)257-7150 to schedule our glaziers visit to your Fairfax residence.  


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