Damaged Insulated Glass Can Be Replaced in Purcellville, VA Homes

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, June 18, 2013)

Insulated glass can probably be found in the windows of your Purcellville home. When it’s in good condition, this glass helps your house stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while adding to the attractive atmosphere within the house. The appeal and functionality of insulated glass is compromised, however, if it becomes cracked, chipped, or fogged. Perhaps you’ve been putting off addressing one or more of these issues because you don’t want to deal with complete window replacement. Good news for you – in most situations, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can offer you an alternative that still gets the job done.

We supply and install sheets of insulated glass custom cut to fit in your window and replace the problem pane, keeping the rest of the window intact. If replacement insulated glass sounds like the answer for your family’s Purcellville dwelling, here are some easy steps to take to bring the project to completion.

  •    - Call (703)257-7150; visit 8395 B Euclid Ave., Manassas Park; or email info@abcglassandmirror.com.

  •    - Arrange for a glazier to visit your house for a free inspection of the damaged glass, consultation about solutions, and price quote.

  •    - Make your decision.

  •    - Look forward to our next visit and the installation of your customized replacement glass.

  •    - After a professional puts the new glass in place, enjoy the restored beauty of your window.

With the insulated glass project brought to a successful completion, Purcellville homeowners can start looking at other ways to boost the appeal of their residences. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offer traditional products like glass shower doors, framed and unframed mirrors, glass tabletops, etc., as well as modern innovations like glass backsplashes and back-painted glass wall hangings. With the help of our skilled crew, a homeowner can discover the transformative power within glass products. Whether you need a wall mirror to make your living room look bigger, a new backsplash to add a burst of color to your kitchen, or frameless glass shower doors to bring luxury to the bathroom, ABC is the place to call for the products you want! (703)257-7150  


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