Customers Walking Up to Business See Beautiful Glass Storefront

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, May 30, 2015)

What is the first thing your customer sees when walking up to your business?  Well…it is your storefront and your entry way doors.  Choosing to use glass storefront and heavy glass entryway doors will ensure that your business will be visually appealing and inviting to potential clients.  Every business wants to put its best face forward and make the very best first impression.  For example, we all know that it is important (well…downright mandatory for success) to have a positive online presence.  The online look of your business includes a website that, not only pictures your products and gives information, but also ensures that the website is nice to look at and provides a welcoming appearance! The same goes for your actual place of business.  

Our professional glass artisans at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. will help transform your business with new glass storefront and glass entryway doors.  In one of our recent commercial glass projects, the business and office space was revolutionized by glass.  This business was given an enticing storefront that no visitor or employee can resist!  One of the perks of choosing glass to welcome your customers is that it offers a brightness and cheer that an opaque storefront cannot offer.  Using glass allows the brightness of the sun to be felt by all.  This delightful façade gives this company the look that it desires while visitors enjoy the beauty and warmth the glass provides.  The glass entryway door accomplishes the same feat, but on a smaller scale by facilitating the lightness and the brightness of the sun.  Also, using glass as your door gives your customer the ability to see in your office space before entering, thus allowing them an easy transition from outdoors to indoors.  

A business always will want to make sure that its website is attractive and user friendly!  Do the same for your actual physical business location by adding glass entryway doors and new glass storefront!  Please be sure to check us out online at or give us a call at 703-257-7150.


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