Consider ClearShield for the New Glass Shower in Your Purcellville Residence!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, May 28, 2014)

A ClearShield shower door coating can make home care easier for Purcellville, VA families. If you are planning to replace a glass shower or buy one for the first time, be sure to learn about all your options in glass protection. These range from spray-on products that you purchase and apply yourself to permanently sealed ShowerGuard glass, which you can order from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. ClearShield is an option that appeals to some clients because it is cheaper than ShowerGuard, but offers longer-lasting protection than many other sealants. If you select this upgrade, ABC will brush on the ClearShield coating before installing your glass. Call (703)257-7150 for more data on ClearShield and to learn about the many glass shower enclosure options we offer! ClearShield works effectively, does not diminish the clarity of the glass, and seals your glazing for up to ten years. Purcellville homeowners will also love the fact that it reduces cleaning by an average of 50%! This translates into a savings of both time and effort. Furthermore, the ClearShield company sells specialized care and cleaning products for use on ClearShield glass. Use of these products can further contribute to the longevity of your glass and the ClearShield seal. Environmentally-friendly, ClearShield can be used in your Purcellville home without concern because of its safe ingredients. It is a polymer resin product, and it seals the surface of your glass. Even though glass looks smooth, its surface is covered with miniscule pores which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Within these little indentations, bacteria, soap scum, and corrosive elements can accumulate. These substances are harmful in various ways –

  • Lessen the beauty of the glass unit.

  • Damage the surface of the glass

  • Make the shower less hygienic

ClearShield functions by filling in these pores. It bonds to the surface, thus forming a seal that prevents damaging elements from bonding with the glass. Ordering ClearShield treated glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. appeals to Purcellville, VA homeowners for yet another reason. ABC is a family company, and has been since its founding. To each patron, we offer a commitment to satisfaction and careful attention to the project. Our warrantied shower doors and enclosures are created using quality components for durability you can count on. Get more data on the ClearShield coating as well as other possibilities for glass protection by filling out our online contact sheet or calling (703)257-7150!  


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