Concrete Countertops Dazzle Modern Homeowners

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Remodeling your kitchen in 2015 means innovative modern choices that homeowners of the past did not have. Concrete countertops, glass backsplashes, and other lovely and functional items broaden the range of possibilities and allow you to create a truly personalized kitchen.

To achieve the kitchen of your dreams it is important to avoid limiting yourself – this means exploring all the available choices for each aspect of the room. For example, think about kitchen cabinets. Should they be wood or metal? Painted or stained? Where should cabinet glass be used in place of wood inserts?


These are just a few of the questions to ask for this one kitchen fixture.  When answering the question, “What kind of countertops do I want?” more and more homeowners are choosing concrete.


Concrete countertops offer an appealing look alongside eco-friendly qualities and tons of possibilities for customization. A simple internet search yields photographs that showcase the high-end look of concrete countertops while making apparent the wide range of available looks. The color choices are practically limitless, and items such as glass fragments, pottery shards, and even seashells can be incorporated into the counters.


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The finished product can thus be rustic, modern, classic, bold, or simplistic in style. When it comes to cost, concrete countertops are definitely competitive with other high-end choices. Citing HGTV Kitchen Design’s Guide to Kitchen Countertops, points out that concrete countertops typically cost $65-$135 per square foot, compared to granite at $100-$200, tile at $10-$90, engineered quartz at $100-$200, laminate at $25-$50, and synthetic solid surface at $90-$120.


As mentioned earlier, concrete countertops are also environmentally friendly and can be made even more so by specific homeowner choices. An informative article references Fu-Tung Cheng’s video, “Sustainable Kitchen Countertops” in which he highlights a common sense insight that is sometimes overlooked – design is an integral aspect of sustainability because a great design will be valued as the year past, not torn out and replaced.


This might make a homeowner think twice about choosing brightly colored countertops, but environmental considerations can also lead remodelers to seek concrete made from local and/or recycled elements. Finally, products like water-based sealers and glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) allow for even “greener” kitchen counters.


Don’t forget to add the perfect complement to your concrete countertops in the form of stylish glass items like -


    •  Glass inserts for cupboards
    •  A Dreamwalls backsplash
    •  A glass tabletop for your kitchen island

    •  A classy glass whiteboard for writing reminders, to-do lists, etc.


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