Color Trends 2016 Help Homeowners Pair Lovely Hues with Their Glass Fixtures

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, April 30, 2016)

interior designKnowing the 2016 color trends is helpful for all homeowners who are redecorating or remodeling, glass, along with natural elements like wood and stone, is seeing widespread use in American homes, and today’s trending shades complement these materials perfectly.

Selecting the ideal tones for paint, rugs, furniture, and window treatments along with utilizing quality wood, stone, and glass, ensures the aesthetic appeal of your updated space.

Color trends in 2016 take a great deal of inspiration from nature, allowing them to add balancing warmth to the cool, crisp appearance of glass. Undoubtedly, glass elements like a clear shower enclosure, charming glass shelving, or a modernistic glass backsplash bring clean lines and geometric shapes to your space.

Today’s popular colors provide a peaceful backdrop that adds the depth and personality needed to create a space that feels homelike and inviting as well as streamlined and fresh.

Contemporary homeowners are also utilizing glass within pieces of furniture by way of cabinet glass, glass tabletops, and glass shelves in cupboards.In these situations, it is especially easy to pair the glass components with trending tones by means of painted wood, colorful placemats, stylish knick-knacks, and the like.

Framed mirrors provide yet another option for closely linking the timeless and versatile look of glass with a trending color in home décor.



What are these 2016 color trends?


Sandy Agar-Studelska of Diamond Vogel paint - - offers us a concise overview of the shades that are likely to dominate home décor in 2016.


    •    Nature-based tones evocative of “farm to table” living will be incorporated into our homes this year. Think earthy greens as well as rustic oranges and maroons.

    •    Colors typically associated with specific holidays or seasons are coming into the mainstream. We should expect to see a fall palette – gold, rust, gray-green, deep purple – becoming popular for year round décor.
    •    Likewise, “soft ‘winter’ colors” like gentle blues, mauves, whites, and grays are also trending in today’s interior design world.
    •    Gray, especially gray paired with cheery shades of yellow and green, will continue in popularity while creating a look that balances “comfort and happiness.”

    •    Finally, blue-greens along with deep purple offer an ocean-inspired look to home decorators in 2016.


It’s easy to get custom glass that will complement the 2016 color trends. Whether you need frosted cabinet glass to harmonize with wintry hues, a framed mirror to reflect your aqua blue wall hangings, or a glass tabletop to add modern charm to your farm-style table, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers the professionally installed, high quality glass that’s perfect for your project!


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