Clear Glass Shower Doors Showcase Beautiful Tile in Great Falls

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, April 29, 2013)

Clear glass shower doors can be used to showcase any tile that you choose for your bathroom renovation in Great Falls, VA (or any part of the Northern Virginia area).  As most people in the bathroom remodeling business know it is not only important to update with glass shower doors, but it is also important to choose the right tile for your shower stall.  The most popular choice for the glass in glass shower doors is clear.  That means most homeowners and contractors have a perfect stage for viewing their tile.  With this in mind, picking a tile that reflects one’s own tastes while also appealing to the multitudes can be a challenge.

In the glass shower doors pictured above the homeowner chose an eye catching, greenish tile to showcase in their Great Falls, VA bathroom.  The clear glass shower doors are constructed with a door panel and return and sport chrome hardware.  As you can see, the homeowner understood the need to choose a beautiful tile to view through the clear glass doors.  The tile becomes part of the color scheme and décor of the new bathroom. There are a couple of good reasons to choose clear glass for your shower doors.  Not only does clear glass allow you to showcase tile, but it also allows your bathroom to feel more spacious.  With colored or patterned glass there is a definitive beginning and end to the shower stall area, making it feel closed in and smaller than it should feel.  Just to recap, two great reasons to choose clear glass for your shower are:

  •    - Show off beautiful tile work

  •    - Make bathroom feel more spacious

If you are interested in new clear glass shower doors for your bathroom in Great Falls or any other part of Northern Virginia, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your local glass company.  Give us a call at 703-257-7150 and one of our shower door experts can be scheduled to come to your home for a free In-home estimate that includes a custom measure.


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