Choose a Bathroom Color Scheme that Wears Well

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, November 22, 2016)

Bathroom RemodelingIf you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s vital to choose your color scheme wisely. You want something that will wear well, just like your clear glass shower enclosure and your new vanity mirror!

Discern your goals.
An important first step in selecting your bathroom’s color combo is to clarify your wishes for the space. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? Will the bathroom have a theme? Do you want a bold or subtle look?

Gather information about the power of color.
Don’t underestimate how much your color choices will impact the remodeled bathroom. It’s easy to research how various colors tend to affect mood and ambience. This knowledge can help you successfully achieve the emotional effect you desire, whether than be calming or energizing.

Keep in mind the uses of the bathroom.

If the bathroom in question is primarily a place to unwind at the end of the day, your color picks may different than if it is mainly used by your kids for getting ready for school in the morning. Furthermore, since the vanity mirror is used for cosmetic application, shaving, and so forth, you’ll want a hue that “works” with the skin tones of those who will be utilizing the space.

Steer clear of color faux pas.

You don’t want a bathroom color scheme that makes visitors or family members wince or smirk! Some options you might want to veer away from include:

   •    A yellow/brown combo.
   •    Overly earthy colors that can detract from the fresh, hygienic feel that is desirable in a restroom.
   •    Faddy colors that will quickly look dated.

Create a neutral palette with splashes of color.
One nice approach to the bathroom color scheme involves selecting neutral tones for large surfaces and appliances and bringing in color personality by means of smaller, more easily replaced items. This involves sticking with the traditional white or off-white appliances, selecting materials such as wood and stone, and opting for wall paint in a neutral like gray or cream. With this lovely backdrop in place, you can feel free to add colorful towels, rugs, wall hangings, and so forth.

Enhance your color choices with a new vanity mirror.
Finally, you can enhance the lovely bathroom color scheme you have chosen by letting it reflect off a large vanity mirror. Your custom mirror can be tailored to the dimensions you desire, and special features such as beveling, a frame, or stand-off installation are offered by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.! Call today to learn more – 703-257-7150!


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