“Can bypass shower doors be frameless?” Manassas Residents Ask

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, June 14, 2013)

Wondering if bypass shower doors can be frameless? Not sure if a glass shower will fit in your bathroom? Manassas, VA residents can get shower door queries resolved. Operating out of Manassas Park, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your local glass shower connection. We have answers to the questions above and lots more information about glass shower doors and enclosures. An in-home glass shower consultation is often the most convenient method for gathering the facts needed to pick out a shower door that will look amazing in your particular bathroom and meet the needs of your family. Homeowners do wonder about the possibility of frameless bypass shower doors.

Manassas residents, like home decorators across the country, find that frame-free doors and enclosures give the bathroom a boost and impart a high-end atmosphere. At the same time, many of our clients love the fact that bypass doors do not require extra space to open and shut. True bypass doors move by gliding along at least one metal track, and the presence of this track means that a bypass unit will be at least partly framed. Semi-frameless styles, where some glass edges remain unframed, are common, but fully frameless bypass doors do not exist. Read on for the good news. While frameless bypass shower doors are non-existent, Manassas home improvers will love this innovative solution created by Cardinal and offered by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

The Cardinal Skyline Frameless Slider draws from both bypass doors and frameless design modes.  The result is a frameless unit made up of a fixed panel and an unframed door piece that glides open and shut along a metal rod installed at the top of the shower. The Cardinal Skyline Frameless Slider gives you the stylish, up-to-date look that you expect from a frameless glass shower along with the space-friendly features that are associated with traditional bypass systems. Whether your preference is bypass shower doors, the frameless slider, or swinging doors, call the Manassas, VA shower door specialists at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Our company offers you

  •    - Decades of glazing experience

  •    - Product knowledge

  •    - Solid work ethic

  •    - Shower door/enclosure warranty

  •    - Professional door/enclosure installation

  •    - And more.

Don’t forget to ask us about further bathroom upgrades with our glass backsplashes, framed and unframed mirrors, back-painted glass wall hangings, and replacement glass. When it’s time to add glass or mirror products to your home or business, it’s time to call (703)257-7150!


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