Cabinet Glass Opens “New Doors” for Home Decorators in Fairfax, VA

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Introduction to the Amazing World of Cabinet Glass

Cabinet glass is a home improvement solution you might be overlooking as you update your Fairfax, VA home or have a new dwelling built. Today’s consumer can choose from among diverse types and styles of cabinet glass, and it can be used to breathe fresh life into old fixtures or as part of brand new cabinetry! To navigate the many choices in cabinet glass, you will want the help of an experienced glass technician. The glaziers at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offer you more than two centuries of combined industry experience, so call (703)257-7150 for info on the multitude of products and services we provide!

Choosing Glass for the Cabinets in Your New Home

If you have plans for a brand new home or are currently having one built, consider integrating cabinet glass into your interior décor plans. Whether your home has a contemporary design, an old-fashioned flavor, or something in between, cabinet glass can add to its aesthetic charm. Cabinet glass, in the form of a glass alternative, can also be a great first choice for practical reasons. This is so when you are having cabinets built to house belongings that are fragile or especially valuable to you.

Using Cabinet Glass to Replace Wood Fronts

Cabinet glass can also be incorporated into your current home in the Fairfax, VA area. It can be a modern replacement for wood cabinet fronts on –

  • Kitchen cupboards.
  • Bathroom vanities.
  • Medicine cabinets.
  • China hutches.
  • Wall units.
  • TV cabinets.
  • Book cases.
  • Wardrobes.
  • And more!

The change from glass to wood can make an old piece of furniture look new again, transform the style of your kitchen, or make a damaged piece functional once more.

Switching to Another Type of Cabinet Glass

We can even help you upgrade if you are already using cabinet glass. For any number of reasons, a homeowner might wish to change out the existing glass. Examples include –

  • The need for safety glass around small children.
  • An alteration in home décor that means the current glass no longer matches the rest of the room.
  • The desire to hide or make visible certain items in the cabinets by changing to privacy or clear cabinet glass.

Color Options for Cabinet Glass

There is a vast range of stylistic options in cabinet glass. For starters, Fairfax homeowners can pick from among –

  • Clear cabinet glass.
  • Low-iron cabinet glass (ultra-clear).
  • Grey cabinet glass.
  • Bronze cabinet glass.

The one that is right for your house depends on your interior decorating style, personal preferences, and how clearly you want to be able to see what is behind the glass. Keep in mind, too, that you can mix and match colored and clear glass within a specific room or the house as a whole. Clear glass remains the preferred choice of many for its timelessness, power to match any color or design, and the clear view it provides of the items in the cabinet.

Texture Options for Cabinet Glass

An assortment of texture options are also offered to our cabinet glass customers. Clear glass, colored glass, and glass alternatives feature a smooth, flat surface, but other options are possible in the form of patterned glass. The line of patterns offered by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. includes both gentle contours and dramatic texturing to meet your decorating needs. Patterned glazing is great when you want a glass cabinet front and a blurred view of what is behind the glass. Applications could include –

        • -Kitchen cupboards that house canned goods, dry goods, mismatched dishware, or anything you do not want to show off behind clear glass.
  • -Cabinet glass on your entertainment center.
  • -Glass on your medicine cabinet that houses assorted hygiene items.

A home decorator might also choose patterned glass simply because he or she likes how it looks!

Etching Options for Cabinet Glass

Etched cabinet glass is another popular product with our Fairfax customers who want vision-obscuring glass or glass that includes a design. Your two basic choices in acid-etched cabinet glass are –

  • -Satin – The whole surface of the glass is “frosted” by means of acid application.
  • -Etched designs – Acid is used to create frosty patterns on the surface of the glass.

Acid-etched glass is another great décor option; like patterned glass, it adds its own unique style to the room while providing an obscured view of the things in the cabinet.

Décor Ideas for Cabinet Glass in Kitchen Settings

Tons of possibilities exist for rejuvenating your kitchen with cabinet glass.

  • Use clear cabinet glass to give the room a more open atmosphere.
  • Arrange attractive items like chic dishware, heirloom china, and bottles of infused oil behind clear glass; this allows you to tidily store these things while integrating them into the décor of the kitchen.
  • Choose frosted or patterned cabinet fronts for those cupboards which hold groceries and less aesthetically pleasing dishes. This keeps the glass theme going without leaving all the contents of your cabinets in plain sight.

Cabinet Glass as Part of a “Glass Makeover” for Your Bathroom

Cabinet glass can also be a key player in giving your Fairfax home’s bathroom a makeover. Adding more glass components to the space is a terrific way to give a restroom modern charm and a more vibrant appearance. Try any or all of these ideas for increasing the amount of glass in your bathroom –

  • -Switch from a shower curtain to a glass shower door.
  • -Switch from a glass shower door to a complete glass shower enclosure.
  • -Have a larger vanity mirror installed.
  • -Use cabinet glass on your vanity and/or medicine cabinet doors.
  • -Make the move to a glass backsplash.
  • -Add glass shelves to the shower interior and/or bathroom walls.
  • -Make a high traffic bathroom more functional with a glass privacy partition.

Glass in Free-Standing Cabinetry

Free-standing pieces of furniture can also be transformed and improved by means of cabinet glass from ABC. You may be tired of the appearance of your book case, hutch, or TV cabinet but not yet ready to buy a new one. Consider giving your piece a fresh start by changing out the cabinet fronts. When the cabinet doors sport glass fronts in the style of your choice, you may hardly recognize your old piece of furniture. Its crisp, stylish appearance could even boost the appeal of the entire room in which it is placed!

Cabinet Glass in Display Cases

Another cabinet glass application for Fairfax, VA homeowners to consider is display cases. If you have a display case for valuable antiques, a priceless collection, or any breakable items you treasure, check out cabinet fronts made from a glass alternative. Also known as safety glass, these glass alternatives deliver glass-like transparency accompanied by great durability. Customers of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can pick between acrylic and polycarbonate; one of our glaziers can help you determine which product is the best fit for your particular display case.

Preparing for Your Free In-Home Cabinet Glass Consultation

We would love to meet with you in person to discuss cabinet glass options, so you can call (703)257-7150 and schedule a complimentary consultation at your residence. Before the consultation, it is a good idea to inform yourself about the various options in cabinet glass and think about your goals for the project. Our website includes a page on cabinet glass as well as photos of many of the glass styles. As you ponder your project, think about aesthetic objectives like making a room look brighter as well as any practical considerations like safety and durability.

The Process of Obtaining Your New Cabinet Glass

When you have picked out the cabinet glass that is right for your Fairfax home, one of our glass technicians will take the necessary measurements. Your glass will be fabricated to the appropriate specifications, and when it is ready we will give you a call and make an appointment to visit your home once more. Professional installers will put your cabinet glass in place – an easy, hassle-free process from start to finish!

Benefits of Professional Installation of Cabinet Glass

There are some key advantages to choosing professionally installed cabinet glass from a reputable glass shop like ABC. For one thing, our experienced staff can answer your preliminary questions and give you pertinent suggestions based on real-world experience with glass. Additionally, we offer you custom cabinet fronts consisting of pieces of glass cut to meet your specific needs. Finally, you can have peace of mind knowing that the glass is installed by trained professionals. Professionally installed cabinet glass from ABC can bring a whole new look to your living space!!!

Cabinet Glass: Versatile and Appealing!

Why consider cabinet glass for your Fairfax, VA dwelling? As we have seen, cabinet glass is available in many styles, a fact which makes it a versatile product capable of enhancing many different décor modes. Additionally, it allows a home improver to dramatically alter cupboards or free-standing cabinetry instead of doing a full scale replacement. Furthermore, you can mix and match the different types of cabinet glass to meet varying aesthetic and practical needs throughout the home. Finally, ABC offers you a positive shopping experienced marked by high-quality glass, courtesy, and commitment to happy customers! Call us at (703)257-7150 today!


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