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A variety of home improvement desires can be met with cabinet glass from ABC Glass and Mirrror, Inc. Chantilly homeowners can use this product to improve the home’s interior from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom and beyond! In the realm of cabinet glass, we bring you many possibilities relating to style and functionality. Find the perfect cabinet fronts for your living space with the help of our team of experienced glaziers. We begin our partnership with you with a free consultation at your home, so call (703)257-7150 today to reserve your appointment for this convenient, information-packed meeting! Clear Cabinet Glass Facts Popular with today’s homeowner, clear cabinet glass has tons of great features to offer your house! Wherever clear glass is installed, it brings with it an element of openness and a sense of spaciousness. These qualities are especially desirable for a home decorator who is fighting clutter or working with small rooms. Another plus to clear glass is that its simple and subtle beauty lends itself to any style or color combo. Clear glass can enhance a room’s contemporary mode or blend right in with traditional décor. Furthermore, clear glass is the way to go when you want to use glass in your decorating along with another material or other items. Remember, clear glass is characterized by –

  • Versatility.

  • Transparency.

  • An open look.

Using Clear Cabinet Glass in Kitchen Cupboards Clear cabinet glass can be a superior choice for many or all of the kitchen cupboards in your Chantilly, VA residence. Most kitchens include cabinets which contain tidy stacks of bowls, plates, and cups. You might also have cupboards that house pretty wine glasses, trendy decanters, attractively packaged spices, or glass jars filled with assorted grains and beans. With clear glass cabinet fronts, your kitchen’s atmosphere can benefit from both the radiance of glass as well as the visual appeal of your items. Say good-bye to wood cabinet fronts and give your cupboards a facelift with clear glass! Frosted Cabinet Glass Facts Another variation in cabinet glass is acid etched glass. To create this special glazing, experts apply acid to the surface of the glass. The acid eats into the glass, leaving it permanently marked, and the result is a “frosty” surface. Acid etched glass has a whitish hue to it and thus matches any color scheme you might choose for your home. Like clear glass, this product is distinguished by a simple, timeless look that can complement assorted home styles. It keeps the items behind it in view, but blurs them for a slightly different look than that created by clear glass cabinet fronts. Using Frosted Cabinet Glass in Kitchen Cupboards Our primary frosted option is known as “Satin” cabinet glass, and it just might have a role to play in your Chantilly home’s kitchen! Maybe you’re not ready to show off the contents of some or all of your kitchen cabinets. After all, cans of tuna, boxes of macaroni and cheese, and so forth might not affect your décor in a way you’d appreciate. Since Satin cabinet glass obscures visibility, it can update your cabinetry while keeping these less sightly items from detracting from your interior décor efforts. Some home decorators choose to fit some cupboards with clear glass and some with Satin glass depending on what will be stored in them. Patterned Cabinet Glass Facts A beloved option in cabinet glass is patterned glazing, and we have lots of designs –

  • Artique

  • Barnwood

  • Baroque

  • Cord

  • Corsica

  • Corteza

  • Flute

  • GG

  • Granite

  • Hammered

  • Hammered Small

  • Krinkle

  • Quarter Reed

  • Rainwater

  • Ripple

  • Rough Rolled

  • Seedy

  • SN Seedy

  • Vecehio

  • Water

Whether you would like a delicate pattern or a bold design, we have the look for your project. Like acid etched glass, patterned glass gives you a blurred view of the things behind it. You can see for yourself by viewing some of our cabinet glass choices here - Using Patterned Cabinet Glass in Kitchen Cupboards       There are a number of wonderful ways to include patterned cabinet glass in the kitchen of your Chantilly residence. For a bold contemporary style, you might choose Quarter Reed or Ripple. If you’d like a subtle pattern, consider SN Seedy, Flute, or Hammered Small. Patterns that really stand out and bring their own style to the cabinets include Krinkle, Barnwood, and Corteza. Finding the right patterned cabinet glass for your kitchen cupboards involves a consideration of how well you want to be able to see what’s behind the glass and the general theme and decorating style in your kitchen area. Colored Cabinet Glass Facts Another option for your new cabinet fronts is glass that has been tinted. Our colored glass combines transparency with your choice of grey or bronze tinting. This neutrally colored material has the radiance of glass along with distinctive tinting that gives it a special place in your décor. Some might feel that using colored glass on all the kitchen cabinets would be “too much,” so remember that you can mix things up and use different kinds of glass on different cupboards to create the look you will love. Using Colored Cabinet Glass in Kitchen Cupboards Bronze or grey cabinet glass is the perfect choice for some Chantilly home improvers. Both colors are neutral, so you have tons of choices in choosing other shades in the room’s color scheme. Moreover, some find grey to be a “restful” color, one that could help you create a peaceful mood in the kitchen. Ideas for using colored cabinet glass include –

  • Creating great combos by painting the cabinets a bright color and then having grey glass installed.

  • Setting some cabinets apart by using colored glass for their fronts.

  • Creating a retro-style kitchen with some help from bronze cabinet glass.

Living Room Installations with Cabinet Glass Of course, the kitchen is not the only place that can be refreshed and renewed by the installation of cabinet glass. Do you have a book case, display case, or wall unit in your living room? Your furniture that includes doors can typically be refurbished by taking out the cabinet fronts and replacing them with the glass you have chosen. Uses for cabinet glass in your main living space include –

  • Showing off rare book collections, heirlooms, or other valuables while keeping them in a safe place.

  • Allowing breakables to remain part of your décor even with small children in the home.

  • Giving a new look to secondhand or dated pieces of furniture.

Bathroom Installations with Cabinet Glass Cabinet glass can also be used to renew the bathroom in your lovely Chantilly, VA home. Perhaps you have an old vanity with scratched up wooden doors. Envision the transformation that would be wrought by new patterned or acid-etched glass cabinet fronts! Even a boring wood medicine cabinet could get a spark of new life if you had it remodeled with your choice of glazing! Glass has a lot to offer a bathroom in terms of mood and décor since it helps create a sense of freshness, cleanliness, and beauty. More Ways to Include Cabinet Glass in Your Home Cabinet glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can also be incorporated into other parts of your house. Places like family rooms, dens, and home offices often include cabinetry, and sometimes the years are not kind to these items. Replacing whole pieces of furniture gets pricey and is often not truly necessary. By simply switching to cabinet glass you can change the style and improve the look of your current hutch, trophy case, entertainment center, etc. Safety Options for Cabinet Glass For cabinet applications, we usually use tempered glass, but a Chantilly homeowner can request a different material if he or she has specific concerns.

  • Laminated glass which remains intact when cracked or shattered.

  • Acrylic sheeting which looks like glass but is stronger than tempered glass.

  • Polycarbonate sheeting which also looks like glass but is stronger than acrylic sheeting.

Ask our glazier about these possibilities if you’re worried about breaking glass. Why Safety Glass or a Glass Alternative Might Be Desired in a Cabinet Why might a cabinet glass customer ask for laminated glass or a glass alternative? There are many reasons a person might prefer one of these products, including –

  • Concerns about children or pets damaging the glass and hurting themselves.

  • Items behind the glass which are extremely delicate, quite valuable, or potentially dangerous.

  • Placement of the cabinet in a high-traffic area.

Whatever your specific area of concern might be, our glazing experts can guide you toward the best type of safety glass or glass alternative for your application. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – A Great Cabinet Glass Resource Whether your cabinet glass needs center around aesthetic goals or safety issues, you can update your Chantilly home’s interior with our help! ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings to your project an emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as high-quality glass and courteous, professional installers. Give a new look to your kitchen cupboards as well as other cabinet glass in your house by ordering clear, patterned, etched and/or colored cabinet glass from ABC – (703)257-7150!


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