Bypass Shower Doors Adorn Homes in South Riding

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, April 03, 2013)

This photo displays bypass shower doors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park, a family business that brings South Riding, VA residents terrific possibilities for bathroom design. Let’s examine this featured shower door more closely. Like many other area homeowners, the client has picke clear shower glass, a semi-frameless, style, and door hardware with a chrome finish. These sliding glass doors give the shower area a sleek, up to date appearance, boosting the appeal of the entire bathroom.

We also note that bypass doors are a very practical selection for this particular room, in which there is not a lot of empty floor space around the tub area. If you’re looking for doors like these or some other style of glass shower for your home, call us for your free quote and in-home consultation – (703)257-7150! Let’s learn more about the features of the doors pictured here. Bypass shower doors like these can be seen in many South Riding houses, but not everyone is familiar with the definition of this term. Here are a few of the key characteristics of bypass shower doors –

  •    - Double panels which both move.

  •    - Doors open by sliding, not by swinging on a hinge.

  •    - Always either semi-frameless or framed.

Turning our attention to the glazing on these bypass shower doors, we see a choice that is appreciated in South Riding and the rest of this region – clear glass. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. has both standard clear glass and low-iron clear glass, which has an ultra-clear appearance. Customers who order one of these, usually do so for one or more of the following reasons –

  •    - A shower stall build from clear glass can make room feel spacious, and not so closed-in.

  •    - Clear glass exudes a fresh, bright aura.

  •    - Fully transparent glass preserves the view of the tile within the stall.

At ABC, we know that some clients may be striving for a different style or seeking to create a more secluded shower space. Along with our two choices in clear glass, we supply attractive patterned, frosted, and tinted glazing. The chrome hardware on these bypass shower doors might also be a suitable match for your South Riding residence. For the hinges and handles, you can pick from over 20 different finishes, and we can do some different finishes for the aluminum frame, too.

The shower pictured here also displays horizontal pull handles from CR Laurence. Other handle choices include Colonial, circular style, ladder style, and mitered corner. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings bypass shower doors like these, as well as tons of other glass shower designs to South Riding families! If the time has come to give your bathroom a new look, call for a free consultation appointment and begin learning about all we can do for your home! (703)257-7150


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