Bypass Shower Door Replaces Shower Curtain in Arlington,VA Homes

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, January 10, 2012)

A bypass shower door could be the solution to “bathroom blues” for Arlington, VA homes. Shower curtain users know only too well what happens when a child or guest forgets to place the curtain/liner inside the tub or does not pull the curtain all the way across the tub. We are greeted by a puddle of water and, if it happens often enough, end up dealing with mildew and rot problems in the bathroom! On top of this, shower curtains can quickly become unsightly due to soap or mildew marks. If you are ready to explore other shower options, give ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. a call at (703)257-7150 . We will schedule an absolutely free in-home consultation and estimate at a time that works for you.

One of our bypass shower doors can reduce the problems mentioned above for Arlington,VA homeowners! While accidents can still happen, sliding a panel shut is definitely simpler than remembering to place the curtain/liner inside the tub and making sure that it is completely closed! Also, a closed shower door is good at keeping the moisture inside the shower, rather than letting it make a pond on your floor! The door can be cleaned with glass cleaner and a rag, so it can easily be washed as a part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine.
A bypass shower door is a great choice for Arlington, VA bathrooms where space is a consideration.

This type of door takes up no more space than a shower curtain, since the door slides open and closed and does not swing out into the bathroom. Also, we offer a variety of glass - – and hardware - – options, so that your shower door will be, not only functional, but an attractive part of your bathroom décor. If a bypass shower door might be the answer to the “bathroom blues” in your Arlington, VA home, contact ABC Glass and Mirror, at (703)257-7150.


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