Bypass Shower Door Possibilities Intrigue Designers in Alexandria, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, September 24, 2012)

Finding the right bypass shower door for your house in Alexandria, VA is a defining aspect of a bathroom remodel, and ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings you some dramatic and exciting possibilities. A free in-home conference with one of our shower door specialists makes it easy to start shopping for the ideal glass and hardware, and we include a free quote. When you call the ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. shop at (703)257-7150, you’ll have the opportunity to get further information, talk to a glazing professional, and set up an appointment for your shower door conference. Make us part of your remodeling team for the beautiful, practical shower doors you want! The bypass shower door is found in bathrooms throughout the Alexandria region, and there are a few specific features that draw homeowners to this style of door.

  • Requires less room than a door that swings open

  • Simple open and close operation makes it a functional choice for many families

  • Traditional look blends well with many bath décor modes

If you’re trying to find a door selection that will bestow contemporary elegance on the room while filling even less space than a typical curtain, you should learn more about this widely-used shower door. Perhaps you like what you’re hearing about the bypass shower door but are not entirely sure what this term means. Used in Alexandria for decades, bypass shower doors are distinguished by

  • A glass door that glides open by traveling in front of a stationary section of glazing. No glass extends beyond the shower enclosure, making this type of door extremely space friendly.

  • Either framed or semi-frameless construction, since an aluminum edge is needed on the parts of the glass that glide along metal tracks.

Once this definition is understood, most realize that they have seen many bypass shower doors and are highly familiar with this option. Having attributes similar to those of a bypass shower door, a frameless slider gives Alexandria homeowners a frameless door with compact features comparable to those of a classic bypass shower unit. Unframed pieces of glass are used in the construction of a frameless slider, and this is possible because the door moves differently. It still glides in front of the glass wall, but instead of metal tracking being installed, a bar is hung near the top of the shower enclosure. The glass door slides along this bar, and the door glass remains unframed. Since many designers prefer frameless construction for the sense of spaciousness it imparts, this aspect of the frameless slider is worth pondering. When it’s time to install a bypass shower door or another similar product in your Alexandria, VA dwelling, call (703)257-7150 to schedule an information-packed consultation with an ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. team member. This is a no-cost, no-obligation service with a complimentary estimate included for your convenience. We hope you’ll explore our array of glass shower selections as well as our other glass items by browsing our website and giving us a ring!    


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