Bringing Beautiful Glass Shower Doors to Lovettsville and Other Northern Virginia Towns!

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, January 14, 2013)

Installing custom glass shower doors in Lovettsville and other parts of Northern Virginia is something we specialize in at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., so call us (703)257-7150 for more info. A member of our team can connect you with a glass specialists and/or make your appointment for a home visit and quote – that’s right, if you’d like to chat with a professional glazier about your glass shower ideas, you can do so at no charge, courtesy of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

Featuring a commitment to customer satisfaction, experienced installation crews, and a shower door warranty, we’ve been providing gorgeous glass shower systems to commercial and residential clients for the past decade, so get in touch with us today! Glass shower doors are preferred by many in Lovettsville, as well as home designers throughout Northern Virginia, and this is really not surprising. Glass is a material that has been highly valued for many centuries, and today’s decorators do not fail to recognize its unique appeal. Glass doors or a glass shower enclosures can change a run-of-the-mill bathroom into a welcoming space with an atmosphere that is simultaneously calming and refreshing. Moreover, we bring you lots of glass options, including –

  •    - Clear

  •    - Color-tinted

  •    - Mirror

  •    - Frosted

  •    - Acid-etched design

  •    - Patterned.

This means that you can create a unit that conveys your unique taste and vision for the room! Glass shower doors come in so many different styles and configurations, so our clients in Lovettsville and the Northern Virginia region may wish to explore some of the basic variations. Especially popular today, frameless systems are selected by many of our shower door customers. These doors are defined by the elimination of the aluminum strips that provide support and stability on a framed unit. This absent framing is replaced with little hinges and clips, which are much less prominent, so the unit has a more open, flowing, and elegant appearance.

Framed and semi-frameless are two other types of glass shower doors that are often seen in houses in Lovettsville. Some Northern Virginia homes have bathrooms where structural properties make it inadvisable or impossible to install totally unframed doors, so it’s important to be aware of the other styles. If a complete framing system is used, the door or enclosure is considered “framed”; if both framed and frameless glass perimeters are present, it is referred to as “semi-frameless”. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. would love to bring pristine glass shower doors to your house in Lovettsville or another Northern Virginia location! Our work is backed by over forty years of owner experience, and our glass team has combined industry experience in excess of one hundred fifty years, so call today for experienced, quality service and a wonderful shower door selection!  


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