Best Waterproof Sound Systems for Your Shower

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, May 30, 2013)

Enjoying music and talk is a pleasure that appeals to many people.  Most people would probably take their music with them into the shower if they could.  Well, now there are many options in sound systems that can be placed in the shower stall area.  Having a waterproof sound system in your shower allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while basking in the refreshment that a shower provides.  In an article by Mike Elgan of Houzz, he explores “3 Sound Systems that Beat your Clunky Old Radio”.  Here are the three noteworthy systems available to you to make your shower experience more enjoyable.

- This Bluetooth sound system allows you to connect to, as many as, 5 phones up to 200 feet away.  The versatility of this system gives you many options in music and talk.

  1. Hipe Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker - This sound system is great for traveling or home and it doesn’t have to be installed.   All you have to do is simply hang it on your showerhead and listen to your favorite music.  You can also take phone calls from this device while you are in the shower.

Listening to music while in the shower is not a new phenomenon, but the best ways in which to listen have changed significantly over the last several decades.    The first was the waterproof radio, the second generation the waterproof CD player, lastly the wireless generation that allows for a wide variety of sound and music.  Many of the available sound systems are now very affordable and don’t have to be considered a luxury any longer.  For more information or the full article, please go to    


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