Beautiful Glass Backsplash for Your Arlington Living Space

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Saturday, December 01, 2012)

A glass backsplash is an option that many Alexandria, VA homeowners may overlook when designing a bathroom or kitchen, but this should not be so. Glass backsplashes combine numerous color options with the dazzling appearance of ultra-clear glass, making them ideal for living spaces of various styles. If you want to look beyond the traditional backsplash options, this is an item you should explore. In fact, if you call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. you can discuss this fascinating product with one of our glaziers and make arrangements for a free home visit from one of our specialists. Contact the ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. office crew by dialing (703)257-7150 and enjoy chatting with a courteous expert!

Each glass backsplash is made from Dreamwalls back-painted glass, which is brought to Alexandria residents by Gardner Glass. Learning more about Dreamwalls can give you a deeper understanding of a glass backsplash, so here is some basic info. First of all, low-iron glass is used so that the paint color will shine through clearly. Paint, in your choice of colors, is then applied to the back of the special glass, and a final protective coating is added to the back of the piece. Interestingly, the paint can be mixed to basically any shade that you desire. An overview of the different glass backsplash options can help Alexandria homeowners purchase the most fitting item for their home.

In addition to the virtually endless color variations, our customers can also decide upon the size of the pieces – will the backsplash be composed of one or more long strips of glass or of many separate “tiles”? If a homeowner likes the idea of numerous smaller pieces, he or she must then decide on the size and shape of the “tiles.” Of course, homeowners can also choose to use pieces of various colors on the backsplash, so it’s really possible to create a customized glass backsplash that forms an integral part of the room’s total appearance.

If you seek further glass backsplash details or info on any of the other products that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. brings to Alexandria residents, don’t wait. Simply telephone our shop at (703)257-7150 and speak to a glass specialist about the items you need. We look forward to providing you with a free in-home consultation, lovely creations, and installation of your glass!  

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