Bathroom Styles in 2016

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bathroom remodelingHouzz’s Natasha Saroca has gathered predictions from four Australian designers to give us insight into hot bathroom styles in 2016. Whether these trends confirm what you already like or inspire you to think along new lines, they are useful in planning a successful bathroom renovation in the months ahead.

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Natural Materials
Nature-based elements like wood and stone will continue to be incorporated into bathroom styles in 2016. These elements bring warmth and a fresh ambience to the space, and popular methods for including them in a restroom include –


•    Wood paneling on the walls

•    Wood floors – with duckboard flooring seeing a surge in popularity
•    Wood sinks
•    Polished stone sinks
•    Stone tiles
•    Stone vanity tiles
•    Stone accent walls


Fresh Tile Styles
A few different looks are forecast to dominate the tile aspect of bathroom design this year. Many will return to simple, traditional tiles but arrange them in unique patterns for a look that is both classic and eye-catching. Additionally, home decorators are starting to really appreciate large tiles for the sense of seamlessness and ease of cleaning they offer.


Finally, handcrafted tiles – each unique and beautifully imperfect – are valued for both texture and visual interest. These artisanal tiles also partner magnificently with the natural stone so popular in bathrooms today.


Green and Blue…..and Pink
Notable in their power to exude a calm sense of refreshment, “blues and emerald greens” are on the rise as bathroom paint colors in an era that seeks to replace the basic restroom with a personal mini-spa. Recommended pairings for these color choices include wood elements and white fixtures as well as “metallic accents and rustic materials.”


However, along with the trend toward cool, nature-based shades, the color pink – in all its many variations – is also becoming more prominent in bathroom décor.


Double Shower Spray Options
Moving on to the shower enclosure – a key feature of any bathroom style – decorators in 2016 are leaning toward an overhead rain-style shower head paired with a hand-held body spray. This arrangement gives a bathroom great shower spray options without requiring a gargantuan stall that takes up a disproportionate amount of space.


Decorating the Bathroom Like the Rest of the House…..or Like a Factory
The warmth of the main living space is being continued in many bathrooms due, to the current love-affair with furniture-style vanities and makeup stations as well as items like stools and pendant lights. Oddly enough, there is a very different look that is also being embraced by decorators this year – industrial style bathrooms characterized by concrete floors and even concrete walls. If you opt for this look, including some natural wood items allows you to keep the room cozy.


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