Bathroom Safety Tips

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Bathroom Safety TipsThe bathroom is among the most frequently used rooms in a house, so safety is a consideration when decorating or renovating. The ideal is to blend attractive aesthetics with proven safety features.

One of the most common bathroom hazards is wet floors. In the short term, they present a fall hazard. In the long term, they promote the growth of potentially harmful mold and mildew. Here are some tips for keeping bathroom floors dry:

   •    Select a quality glass shower door that fits properly in your space and seals up well.
   •    Place an absorbent bathmat at the shower entrance.
   •    Keep a basket of towels handy and encourage family members to dry the floor (if needed) before leaving the bathroom.

Bathrooms can also include a lot of glass, and it is important to avoid breakage. Shower doors are made from tempered, or sometimes laminated, glass for safety. Still, you want to keep activities like children playing catch out of the bathroom! Moreover, it’s a good idea to promptly address issues of cracked glass. If this happens to a window pane, a glazier can usually install replacement glass so that you don’t have to purchase a whole new window.

Shower accessibility is also a safety consideration for today’s homeowner. A trending shower design – the curbless walk-in shower – eliminates both the curb and the door panel for great safety and accessibility. The catch is that correct floor slope, shower head placement, and floor location are critical if a walk-in shower is to keep water off the bathroom floor.

There are a number of other ways to blend sound design principles with heightened bathroom safety. Examples include:

   •    Sturdy towel bars that double as grab bars.
   •    A built-in shower bench.
   •    A non-slip stone floor in the shower.
   •    Use of mold-killing primer.

As you work to make your home’s bathrooms safer and more beautiful, you can count on ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park for all your glass needs. We offer a great selection of custom shower doors and enclosures, vanity mirrors, glass partitions, back-painted glass backsplashes, replacement glass, and more.

Not quite sure what your bathroom needs? That’s okay. We’ll send a glazier to your house for a free in-home consultation and estimate. Our specialist can look at your space and offer suggestions, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a quote for the project.

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