Bathroom Remodel Article Advocates Creativity and Fresh Ideas

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, August 19, 2014)

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your go-to supplier for the glass and mirror needed for a bathroom remodel. Also, we don’t stop at selling great products – we can install them for you, too. We offer traditional and modern glass fixtures to fulfill the goals of homeowners with diverse fashion preferences and practical concerns. Call us at (703)257-7150 and ask about shower enclosures, shower doors, vanity mirrors, glass vanity tops, glass backsplashes, glass wall coverings, and glass partitions. There are tons of exciting products on the market today, but sometimes home decorators find themselves overwhelmed by options or lacking creative inspiration. Bathroom remodel tips are offered at The author first addresses the artistic use of shower tile. Suggestions include creating a design with colorful tiles and extending the tile pattern beyond the enclosure. The article also points out that bold colors can help make the tile a focal point. A further insight is shared with regard to customizing the shower. One should not feel bound to products or styles with which one is familiar, but should try to find a shower with which one is really satisfied. The piece notes that working on a budget can actually foster the discovery of great shower options. Further advice is given regarding the inevitable browsing of shower enclosure photos prior to a remodel.

  • First off, the author recommends focusing one’s attention on those shower designs and configurations that fit within one’s project budget. The point is also made that dwelling on impossible dreams can lead to dissatisfaction once the remodel is complete.

  • Next, home improvers are advised to seek simple shower improvements, unless one can afford structural changes in the bathroom.

  • Finally, the article re-emphasizes the value of approaching the bathroom renovation with an open and creative mind. The willingness to explore new possibilities increases the likelihood that a person will find what he/she wants and needs!


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