Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid - Article Highlights

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, December 28, 2015)

glass and mirrorDylan Chappell shares tips for avoiding bathroom renovation disasters and instead creating an updated bathroom that will truly live up to your expectations.

The five issues he tackles are –  

   •    Windows
   •    Bathroom location
   •    Toilet placement
   •    Shower type
   •    Overall approach

The first bathroom fail Chappell cautions against is underestimating the importance of air flow and natural lighting. He suggests that, if it’s feasible, a homeowner who is adding a bathroom should look for wall space that includes a window. In lieu of this, a skylight is a great option.


shower doors

Next, Chappell deals with bathroom placement and the issue of having a view into the restroom. With regard to choosing the location of a new bathroom or re-orienting the entryway of an existing restroom, strive to avoid a bathroom door off the kitchen, dining room, or living room. You do not want the décor of this central living space marred by a view of the commode!


As a side note for homeowners who cannot avoid this arrangement – ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can mitigate the negative aesthetic impact by installing a custom frosted glass partition in front of the toilet.


frameless shower doors


In fact, this segues into Chappell’s next point about de-emphasizing the toilet in bathroom design. As necessary as it is, the potty should not really be the visual focal point of your remodeled restroom. Chappell goes so far as to recommend having the sink and toilet in a separate room from the shower to, not only improve the décor, but make the space more functional for multiple users.


The curbed shower also comes under the heading of a bathroom mistake as Chappell draws from universal design principles to advocate the curbless shower. Not only does a curbless shower promote aging in place, but it can create an illusion of spaciousness in your bathroom.


The final mistake Chappell cites is the notion that “bigger is better.” Instead of making this one’s bathroom design motto, Chappell urges homeowners to focus on efficiency, design, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for the needs and circumstances of one’s family.


glass shower doors


As you seek to avoid these pitfalls in your bathroom remodel we’ll hope you’ll keep in mind that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers the professionally installed glass and mirror you need to bring your project to completion.


Whether it’s laminated glass for your skylight, a glass enclosure for your curbless shower, or a privacy partition around the commode, ABC has just what’s required to get the job done. Our friendly glass professionals are just a phone call away at 703-257-7150, so call today to learn more about the role glass should play in your new or updated bathroom!



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