Bathroom Design with Glass Shower Doors in Woodbridge, VA

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, April 18, 2013)

Bathroom design involves many decisions, and the choice of shower doors is one of these. A beautiful Woodbridge, VA home is not complete without bathrooms that are attractive, stylish, and welcoming. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a local company that can assist you in your search for the glass showers that give your house the right finishing touch. A simple phone call to (703)257-7150 allows you to discuss your glass shower plans with a skilled professional and to schedule a free house call from one of our experts. This no-cost consultation is your opportunity to ask questions and seek suggestions from someone with industry experience, so call today!

A stunning bathroom shower in your Woodbridge dwelling is the result of careful thought and creative design on your part along with technical expertise, professional insight, and reliable installation on the part of your ABC glazier. Let’s consider the shower glass, which is the most important component on each of our showers. For one thing, you will need to decide how thick you want the glass to be. However, this is not just a matter of personal taste and preference. The setup of the shower, the amount of framing used, and the type of glass chosen can all determine which thicknesses may be safely and successfully used on a given unit. Thickness is not the only variable when choosing glass for the bathroom shower in a Woodbridge residence, though.

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. gives home decorators options in four glass categories – clear, etched, tinted, and patterned. We’ll begin with an overview of clear shower glass since this is such a popular look. Our valued customers can choose between standard clear glass and ultra-clear glass. You may be curious about ultra-clear glazing – what makes it different? The answer lies in the iron content. Our ultra-clear shower glass does not contain as much iron as regular glass, and this reduces the green tinge that naturally occurs in glass as a result of the iron. Some homeowners prefer this glass that is a little clearer, while others are equally satisfied with the clarity of normal glass. If clear glass is not the right material for the bathroom shower in your Woodbridge home, you should check out the options ABC offers in colored, etched, and patterned glazing. We supply glass that is tinted – choices include

  •    - Bronze

  •    - Gray

  •    - Green

  •    - Blue

Also, you can order acid-etched glass that has a frosty appearance which gives you a more private and secluded shower stall. Finally, clients of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can choose from a variety of textured patterns for another option in privacy glass. Work with the friendly team at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. to design functional and beautiful bathroom showers for your family’s Woodbridge dwelling! From making hardware choices to picking out the shower glass, our experts can help you with suggestions based on their shower door experience, so call (703)257-7150!  


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