Author Highlights Frameless Showers, Natural Elements, Glam and More in Article on Bathroom Trend

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In a fascinating piece, David Daniel looks back over 2014 and discusses bathroom trends at From frameless showers, to natural materials, to bold floral wall art, bathroom styles in the past year range from minimalist to daring. In an article complete with eye-catching photos of each trend, Daniel discusses popular moves in bathroom décor and includes tips on making them your own. The huge variation in stylistic modes means that you can probably find something that speaks to you, regardless of your personal tastes and unique vision for your home.

Before delving into bold tile mosaics, unique pieces of marble, hotel glam, frameless showers, and so on, Daniel points out that many use the bathroom as a place to find the peace and quiet so necessary for each of us as we unwind and seek solutions for the challenges of life. I believe this point rings true whether you’re a busy parent who “hides” in the bathroom to pray or a stressed-out professional who views the bathroom as the only place where you don’t have to answer the phone! Each person’s definition of the ideal retreat is a little different, so let’s look at some of the most popular modern choices.

Daniel notes that trends in 2014 include both a return to basic, natural elements and the use of modern innovations. Frameless showers, wet rooms, monochrome, and curved cabinets are examples of the latter, but frameless showers also fit in when the bathroom features naturalistic elements like a wooden floor. This can be observed in the article’s photo of a frameless glass shower in a bathroom that is otherwise defined by wood. Decorators who really want to integrate aspects of the outdoors into their spa-like bathrooms should check out the sections on –

  • Living walls – A wall with live plants growing on it.
  • Natural materials - Think wood, “natural stone, slate and other earthy materials.”
  • Coastal style – A mirror framed with driftwood, for instance.

Look back at 2014 with this informative article and decide which trends you want to bring into your bathroom in 2015 and which ones to leave behind!


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