Article Highlights Effect of Energy-Efficient Windows and Home Planning

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, February 11, 2014)

Windows Collaborative offers some insights into how modern energy-efficient windows impact home design at - The article acknowledges the design limitations once caused by the inefficiency of windows. Because windows allowed for so much energy loss, homeowners at times had to sacrifice other priorities, such as a lovely view or optimal aesthetic appeal. Window orientation, number of windows, and the need for shaded areas were once major issues for those seeking to maintain well-insulated homes.

The terrific performance of today’s innovative windows has reduced the significance of these issues, freeing homeowners and designers to make more satisfactory choices. Additionally, the piece highlights some of the functions of windows, many of which energy- efficient windows can perform more effectively.

These include –

   • Appearance of the home inside and out

   • Keeping the interior of the home comfortable in both hot and cold seasons

   • Allowing sunlight to illumine the home

   • Making a space feel open and airy

   • Allowing for safe exit in case of a fire

When energy-efficient windows are used, one can put more emphasis on matters like interior and exterior appeal of the home, atmosphere of the room, and so on. This is because today’s energy-efficient windows insulate more effectively and better protect a home from the damaging effects of sunlight. As pointed out by the Efficient Windows Collaborative, some things are not changed by the energy-efficiency of windows. A home designer still seeks windows and window placement that allow for pleasant views, a nice amount of natural light, and the ability to access fresh air.

However, high-performance windows allow for easier and more versatile achievement of goals like reducing the amounts of heat coming in during the summer and cold coming in during the winter. Energy-efficient windows can even work to add heat to the home in the cooler months! Check out climate guides for various windows to find the most suitable item for your area.  If you are interested in more information on replacement windows or are considering upgrading your home with energy efficient ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150!!!!  


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