Article Gives Walk-In Shower Design Tips

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, May 20, 2014)

 The idea of a walk-in shower – a glass enclosure with no door – might seem totally impractical at first. However, such a shower is possible in a large bathroom, and author Tim Anderson gives helpful design tips at In his piece, Tim covers topics like where these showers are typically used, how water is kept in the enclosure, and more. A shower with an open entryway only makes sense if this entrance is far enough from the shower spray. For this reason, a walk-in shower is usually seen only in a master bathroom. As Tim points out, these are the bathrooms most likely to have sufficiently spacious showers. He also notes that homeowners often have these units installed when they want a separate shower area next to the tub. Even with a space of the appropriate size, design is important for a walk-in shower. The first point Tim emphasizes is the need for proper drainage. The floor must slope gently toward the drain, which should be centrally situated or placed near the wall opposite the shower entrance. Another key concern mentioned in Tim’s article on walk-in shower design is the location of the shower head. Place it where distance and/or a glass wall will prevent rogue droplets from spraying out the entrance and onto the bathroom floor. He also talks about the question of whether or not to have a curb. This can be necessary, he points out, if you are unable to ensure proper drainage without it. On the other hand, if it is not needed, eliminating the curb can make the shower more accessible to homeowners with physical challenges. Finally, Tim addresses the tile options for the shower floor. Due to the need for a proper slope down to the drain, tiles typically have to be 4” x 4” or smaller. So if you are considering a walk-in shower, keep in mind –

  • Stall dimensions
  • Drainage
  • Shower head placement
  • Whether a curb is needed
  • Practical floor tiles
With correct placement and savvy design, a walk-in shower can meld aesthetic appeal with functionality you can count on! 

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