Amazing Possibilities for Glass Table Tops in Your Fairfax, VA Home or Business!

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Glass table tops can modernize and beautify your home in Fairfax, VA! ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. custom cuts glass table tops from many different kinds of glass, helping homeowners realize their aspirations for home décor. We provide glass coverings for existing tables as well as the sheets of glass needed to create tables with glass-only tops. A whole world of options presents itself when you choose to decorate with glass table tops, including various edges, thicknesses, colors, and styles of glass. If you wish to learn more about this wonderful option in interior design, call us at (703)257-7150 to reserve your time-slot for a complimentary consultation at your place of residence!

Why consider a protective glass table top? Protective glass table tops can benefit young families in the Fairfax area as well as anyone with a treasured wooden table. Of course, a glass table covering shields the vulnerable wood surface. This is attractive to parents who want their children to be able to paint or color at the dining room table without staining the wood. Even if there are no toddlers in your household, you may be concerned about an antique or specialty table top. If you want to use your valued piece without worrying about damage from spilled food, cups of hot coffee, and so on, consider adding a layer of glass. Why else might a glass table top be added? Glass table tops can also be used to give new life to old or worn tables.

  • A glass table top can serve as a replacement for finish that has been worn down, leaving the wood susceptible to water damage.

  • A covering of glass can freshen and update the appearance of the table.

  • A glass table top will add brightness to a dull surface.

Consider this option if one of your tables needs an aesthetic boost! What about a table top made from glass alone? We also supply glass table tops for our Fairfax, VA clients who wish to create tables with the tops made of glass alone. This is a distinctive look that is appropriate for a variety of applications and interior design themes. For instance, a table with a clear glass top can be part of a scheme to make a small room feel peaceful and uncluttered. Various other styles of glass can be used to create tables that will match your personal tastes and preferences What glass styles are available for table coverings and tops? In order to offer you many different looks in glass table tops, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. works with –

  • Clear glass

  • Acid-etched glass

  • Sand-blasted glass

  • Colored glass

  • Low iron glass

So, whatever your color scheme might be, whatever the theme of your room might be, we have the diversity and variety that enable you to find the ideal glass for the table you are creating or rejuvenating. Our helpful glaziers can give you more details on each glass table top category when you meet for your in-home consultation or call and ask to speak to an in-house glass specialist. Is annealed glass or tempered glass used for table tops? Glass table tops that serve as coverings for other surfaces are usually made out of regular annealed glass. This is suitable for an application where the glass is supported by another surface. On the other hand, if you need glass that will function as a table top in its own right, we will use tempered glass, which is stronger. Tempered glass differs from annealed glass because it has undergone a heating and cooling regimen that enhances durability and causes it to form less dangerous fragments if broken. Are there any other variations in table top glass? Glass table tops can be further customized to match the décor of your Fairfax, VA home when you choose from our assorted thickness and edge options. Depending on the specific application, we offer thicknesses including –

  • 3/16”

  • 1/4" (most common)

  • 3/8”

  • 1/2"

  • 5/8”

  • 3/4"

Moving on to edge choices, we can do polished edges, pencil edges, beveled edges, and more. The combination of your choices for glass style, glass thickness, and edge contour coalesce to form a glass table top that is personalized to add just the right burst of elegance to your room. Where in a house might glass table tops be used? Glass table tops are found in many different rooms. Where to use one in your home depends on your practical needs and the style of the dwelling. Here are some possibilities to fuel your creative inspiration!

  • Dining room – A heavily used dining room table can be safeguarded and improved with the addition of a glass top.

  • Breakfast nook – A compact breakfast nook can feel more open and welcoming if you create a table with a clear glass top.

  • Living room – Your coffee table can be shielded and dressed up with a glass covering. You could also complement modern décor by making a coffee table with a glass-only top.

  • Bathroom – If you have a small wooden table in your bathroom, consider covering it with a glass top to protect the wood from water damage.

Can glass table tops also be used in commercial settings? Glass table tops can undoubtedly improve offices, board rooms, lunch rooms, break rooms, restaurants, and other commercial spaces in Fairfax, VA. They provide an easy to clean surface and serve as functional coverings that prevent damage from spilled beverages. Furthermore, the bright appearance and clean lines can add an aura of order and professionalism to your building. Additionally, tables with tops made of glass can dress up your waiting room or improve the atmosphere of a small conference room! Are there any other types of glass table tops offered by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.? In addition to the glass table tops already described, ABC offers glass table coverings fashioned from special back-painted glass, known as Dreamwalls color glass. This product is a low-iron glass with a coating applied to the back. The coating has two layers – the layer that you see through the glass consists of paint, and the other layer protects the paint and preserves the integrity of its color. What are my color choices for Dreamwalls table tops? There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to choosing colors for a Dreamwalls glass table top for your Fairfax home! These pieces of glass can be ordered in standard shades –

  • Spice

  • Ocean

  • True Black

  • Cool Gray

  • Ruby Red

  • Dusty Plum

  • Bright Blue

  • Sand

  • True White

  • Linen

  • Lime

However, we can also have paint mixed to a different color of your choosing. Thus, your Dreamwalls table covering can match your color scheme, regardless of what it is. Moreover, a table like this brings a special sense of fashion to the room by merging color with that attractive sheen that is unique to glass! Are there any other style variations for Dreamwalls glass table tops? Besides being able to order any color you wish, you can also select the edge style for your back-painted glass table tops. There are three ways we can finish off the edges of your table covering – polished edge, pencil edge, and beveled edge. In choosing an edge, you will want to take into account safety issues and the basic style of your living space. All Dreamwalls glass table tops are 1/4” thick. What is the process for ordering glass table tops from ABC? There are two ways to order glass table tops for your residence or commercial building in Fairfax. One of our representatives can visit your location, take measurements, order the table top, and finish by delivering and installing your glass. Alternatively, you can choose to shop more economically. In this case, call for an over-the-phone consultation, take measurements yourself and call them in to us, pick up the glass from our shop, and install it yourself. Either way, a trained glazier is available to answer questions and help you find the best option for your glass table top needs. Are there more ways to use glass products in my home or office? In addition to glass table tops, ABC brings you many other glass products that beautify while serving practical purposes in your residence or business. For instance, we do professionally installed glass shower doors, mirrors of all styles and sizes, backsplashes fashioned from glass, glass partitions, glass entryways, and more! By tastefully using glass throughout your home or by including it on both the exterior and interior of your commercial building, you can achieve profound rejuvenation of your living or working space! What makes ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. a solid choice for glass table tops and other products? When you order glass table tops or another glass product for your Fairfax home or business, you want to deal with courteous professionals who are knowledgeable in their field. You also seek installations made from high-quality materials. These are things you will find when you call on ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.! We hope you’ll find out for yourself by coming to our showroom at 8395 B Euclid Ave., Manassas Park or dialing (703)257-7150!  


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