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Where can I get gym wall mirrors for my facility? When it is time for new gym wall mirrors in your Alexandria, VA workout center, it is time to call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150! Our team combines the personal attention and service offered by a family business with the expertise and range of product options your project demands! Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us, and it starts with the offer of a free consultation at your gym. Either call us, email us at, or submit this contact form -, and we will set you up with an appointment. Do not wait another day to solve your gym wall mirror dilemma – reach out to ABC today and make your gym a brighter place!

Why might I need new gym wall mirrors?
A number of situations could a lead the owner or manager of a gym to order new wall mirrors. Here are some examples –
• The current mirrors are too small to adequately meet the needs of our members.
• The existing mirrors are poorly placed.
• There are not enough mirrors on the wall.
• Some of the class rooms and smaller exercise spaces do not have mirrors.
• Some of the current mirrors are chipped.
• A mirror has been cracked or shattered.

What types of facilities can be improved by the addition of gym wall mirrors?
A standard gym might be the first place that comes to mind when you think of wall mirrors benefiting a facility in Alexandria, but other places need them, too.
• Ballet studios.
• Irish dance classrooms.
• Tap dancing facilities.
• Spaces where tumbling or gymnastics classes are held.
• Occupational therapy clinics.
If you’re wondering if your establishment could be upgraded by gym wall mirrors, simply ask yourself if your students/members/patients could more easily achieve their goals when equipped with mirrors in which to monitor their mistakes and successes.

Which parts of my gym should include wall mirrors?
Pretty much every space that gym members use for fitness should include wall mirrors. Specific examples include –
• The room where your treadmills, elliptical machines, and so forth are used.
• The weight training space.
• Classrooms for aerobics, pilates, kickboxing, etc.
• Small workout rooms.
• Ladies’ section of the gym.

Making sure your gym is properly equipped with wall mirrors is one step you can take toward ensuring member satisfaction and continued patronage of your center.

Can gym wall mirrors be used in a home fitness room?
Certainly! Gym wall mirrors might be just what you need to give your Alexandria home’s fitness room the professional look and feel that will motivate you to use it more regularly. Whether or not we can install one huge mirror in your at-home gym depends on the size of the doorway into it. If we can get a humongous mirror in, great. If not, no need to despair. We will simply solve the problem by cutting a few smaller mirrors and then installing them adjacent to one another. The mirror wall will still have a nice flowing look and will give your room the practical features and aesthetic boost offered by a single big mirror.

How can my gym wall mirrors be tailored to my specific needs and circumstances?
There are a number of ways in which ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can customize gym wall mirrors to match the particular needs of each of our valued customers.
• In addition to stock mirrors in 4’ x 10’ and 7’ x 10’ sheets, we sell mirrors specially fabricated based on our measurements and inspection of your gym walls.
• Wall mirrors can be square, rectangular, L-shaped, etc. – whatever is needed to cover the wall in question.
• We do custom cut outs in the wall mirrors to make spaces for light switches, electrical outlets and the like.
• Our teams can install the mirrors to rest on an existing flat surface such as the gym floor, or they can install a metal support at your desired height.

What is the first step in getting new gym wall mirrors for my fitness center?
If you think you might need new gym wall mirrors for your Alexandria, VA center, take a walk around and check for damaged mirrors, walls that need mirrors, walls that need bigger mirrors, and so forth. Next, check out the ABC product page on gym wall mirrors - Then, you should call, email, or submit our contact form. We will schedule you a free consultation, the next step in the gym wall mirror process!

Can you tell me more about the next step in obtaining new gym wall mirrors?
Before your consultation on gym wall mirrors, you might want to take notes about where you need new mirrors, what your aesthetic goals are, what your functionality goals are, and what questions you have about ABC and/or the mirrors we offer. When our glazier arrives he can look over the walls that need replacement mirrors or to be fitted with mirrors for the first time. He can take any needed measurements, give you more info on mirror options, and answer your questions. Finally, once you have an idea of what you want, he can quote you a price for the mirrors and installation.

What happens next in the gym wall mirror process?
At this point, you will need to make specific choices regarding the new gym wall mirrors for your Alexandria, VA wellness center. An overview of these decisions –
• Number of mirrors.
• Mirror dimensions.
• Mirror placement.
• What the mirror glass should rest on.
• Cutouts – where, what size, how many?
After you have decided, you place your order, we prepare the mirrors, and then we call you to set up a time for installation.

What is the final step in the process of buying gym wall mirrors from ABC?
This project culminates in our team’s final visit to your gym and the installation of the wall mirrors. Glazing specialists from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. will rest the mirrors on your selected surface and glue them to the walls with mirror mastic. You can simply relax and remain stress-free as professionals carefully put your huge mirrors in place, mirrors which can add to the practical features and positive ambience of the gym!

Can ABC help me with the other types of mirrors I need in my gym?
Absolutely! When it comes to gym owners’ needs for other types of wall mirrors, ABC is here to help. Alexandria, VA gyms have other rooms besides the actual exercise spaces, and these also need mirrors or can be improved by the tasteful hanging of decorative mirror glass. Examples of other places where we can hang mirrors are –
• Restrooms.
• Locker rooms.
• Childcare room.
• Lobby or front desk area.

What kinds of mirrors do you have for my gym restrooms?
Make your gym restrooms classy and stylish with well-chosen wall mirrors above the vanity. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. presents you with many vanity mirrors variaions, so you can pick the right product based the overall style and theme of your gym.
• Custom and traditional shaped mirrors.
• Framed and unframed mirrors.
• Polished edge and beveled edge mirrors.
• Large, medium, and small mirrors.
At your free consultation, our glass expert can also help you find the best vanity mirrors for your gym bathrooms!

What about mirrors for the locker rooms?
Since gym members need to fix their hair, dress for the office, etc. before leaving, you need wall mirrors in the locker rooms. Alexandria, VA gym managers can conveniently deal with this need with the help of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Our custom cut mirrors can be designed to fit in the available wall space that actually exists in your gym’s locker rooms. No need to go hunting for mirrors you can “make” work when we can “make” you mirrors that will work!

Why would I consider adding a mirror to the childcare room?
Upgrading the child care room in your gym with wall mirrors can actually be a smart move. Here are some examples of why a gym owner might take this step –
• Children enjoy making faces in mirrors, so a small mirror at just their height could provide entertainment.
• A vast wall mirror can make a cramped child care room seem roomier and more inviting.
• A framed mirror can be part of your child care room’s chic décor.
As you can see, even this part of the gym can be brighter with a mirror!

What can you tell me about mirrors in the lobby?
When potential members first visit your gym, they step into your lobby. Hanging some framed wall mirrors in this part of your Alexandria facility can make the space look better. It is this attention to small details that helps your gym create a great first impression and perhaps gives it an edge over the competition. ABC teams with Precision Frameworks to bring you a ton of mirror frame options – ornate frames, modern frames, wood-style frames, metallic-style frames, and more! Call ABC now at 703-257-7150 for more mirror information and to arrange your personalized complimentary consultation!


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