Achieve Interior Design Success by Considering the Meaning of Colors

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, March 27, 2015)

Just knowing what your favorite colors are might not be enough to attain interior design success as you repaint your home! Drawing on valuable information from, we can learn why the meaning of colors matters when it comes to choosing paint and furnishings for your living space. Not only do colors have cultural significance that can vary with time and place, but specific colors tend to elicit certain moods and feelings in most humans. Doing a little research into the meanings of the colors you’re considering can pay huge dividends down the road as you realize you’ve created a space that’s truly a joy to enter!


Before you begin the study of the meanings of various colors, it can be helpful to clarify your own goals for the room under renovation. What mood and ambience do you wish to create? Relaxation might be your top priority for a living room or bedroom, while you may prefer an energizing and invigorating quality in other spaces. Once you have determined your personal objectives for the room, you can make use of the fact that blue and green are soothing, red is linked to energy and strength, white bespeaks purity and safety, and so on. Having a grasp of the deeper relevance of a particular color is not just beneficial in terms of paint choices, but with regard to color combos, wall art, window treatments, rugs, and so forth.


Remember that your choice of hues will either hinder or contribute to the room’s ability to evoke the desired emotions.

Finally, let’s consider an example of how a home decorator might use the meaning of colors to achieve the desired effect in a home office. Many who work from home on a computer struggle with boredom and even a sense of gloom or mental fatigue. The uplifting emotions experienced when stepping outdoors on a bright spring day are just the mood we wish to duplicate inside the home office. What color scheme do we see by simply looking at creation on a sunny day?
• Blue sky.
• Green grass and trees.
• White clouds.


When we then look at the meanings of these colors, we see words like “harmony,” “calmness,” and “goodness.” Adding in the yellow sun, we also have descriptors like “joy,” “happiness,” and “energy” – just the qualities needed to lift one’s spirits during the workday. The home office can be transformed through the right colors and lighting.
• Paint the ceiling white and the walls grass-green.
• Opt for a wood floor with a sky-blue shag area rug.
• Switch to full spectrum light bulbs for lighting close to that found outside.
• Decorate with potted plants.


This is just a single example of how the meaning of colors can be used to make your home a more pleasant and refreshing space!  Use of colors in certain rooms can also be enhanced by using mirrors to expand the appearance of the new color and space!!! 


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