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Vanity wall mirrors are a must for each restroom in your Alexandria, VA residence, but this is not the only way to utilize mirror glass in your home décor! With the plethora of mirror choices made available to you by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.

of Manassas Park, you will be able to find the perfect mirrors for any room in the house! We even make it possible for you to explore the products we offer at no cost and in the convenience of your home. Reserve your appointment for an

absolutely free consultation with a member of the ABC glazing staff by contacting our office at (703)257-7150 or emailing Adding more mirrors to your interior design is easier when you work with glass professionals!

Mirror Fundamentals

A vanity wall mirror or other mirror is a glass product. Three layers are found on a mirror – glass, reflective backing, and protective coating. Glass makes up the front surface of the mirror, while the protective coating is what you see when you look at the back.

The reflective layer is in the middle, and it is the component that makes the mirror “work.” Modern mirrors provide an accurate image of whatever is in front of them, a quality which allows them to make rooms look bigger, illumine spaces by reflecting light, and serve as practical tools when we apply makeup, style our hair, choose outfits, and so forth.

Wide Variety in Vanity Mirrors

The ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. team knows that different vanity wall mirrors are more or less fitting for different bathrooms in your Alexandria home. In the master bath, you may want a large mirror in an ornate frame, while a small powder room is likely to call for something completely different, and the children’s bathroom might need yet a third type of mirror. From unframed oval mirrors to vast mirrors that extend from the vanity all the way to the ceiling, we have possibilities for bathrooms of many styles, shapes, and functions!

Wall Mirrors in the Living Room, Family Room, and Den

As mentioned, the bathroom is not the only space that can be brightened by the installation of vanity type wall mirrors. Here are some ideas for integrating mirrors into the décor of your main living area.

  • Cheer up the entryway to your home with a wall mirror that visually enlarges the space while giving it a brighter and more inviting quality.

  • Tastefully place small mirrors on your living room walls for chic, modern elegance.

  • Hang a framed rectangular mirror above the fireplace in your family room.

  • If your cozy den is starting to feel claustrophobic, add a sense of roominess by covering one wall with mirror glass.

Dining Room Wall Mirrors

When ordering vanity wall mirrors for their bathrooms, Alexandria homeowners don’t often think about a wall mirror for the dining room. However, this can add just right level of sheen and glamour to some dining areas. Some examples follow, but let your own creativity guide you!

  • In an old-world style dining room, hang a mirror in a fancy frame above a low cabinet or buffet. Place attractive pieces of silver, china, or other dishware on the top of the cabinet or buffet.

  • For a dining room with modern furnishings, try covering a wall with numerous pieces of mirror glass.

  • Hang one large mirror in a tiny dining area to create a more open atmosphere.

Vanity Wall Mirrors at Make-Up Tables and Full Length Wall Mirrors

Vanity type wall mirrors also have a place in bedroom décor. If you have a make-up table or other toiletry station in your bedroom, it needs a vanity mirror in order to meet its full potential for convenience and functionality. Additionally, a full-length mirror is a must-have as you prepare for the day and check that your outfit is coordinated and attractive. These useful bedroom mirrors can be custom ordered to your specifications and installed by trained professionals. Make sure you and your family members always have plenty of mirror space as you carry out daily beauty and hygiene routines!

Traditional Vanity Wall Mirror Shapes

Let’s take a look at the most common shapes for vanity wall mirrors in Alexandria, VA homes. These include –

  • Rectangular mirrors.

  • Square mirrors.

  • Oval mirrors.

Most bathroom vanity mirrors are one of these three shapes. These are also popular options for our clients who are adding wall mirrors to their living rooms, family rooms, dens, or dining rooms. Square and rectangular are also the two mirror shapes that can be fitted with frames. The majority of our mirror customers will choose rectangular, square, and/or oval mirrors for their homes.

Custom Vanity Wall Mirror Shapes

However, we recognize that some purchasers of vanity wall mirrors seek a bold and unique look, and this is why we also offer custom-cut mirrors featuring non-traditional shapes. The possibilities in this category include –

  • Asymmetrical mirrors.

  • Circle shaped mirrors.

  • Diamond shaped mirrors.

  • Hexagon shaped mirrors.

  • Triangular mirrors.

  • Tear drop mirrors.

If you have a striking, one-of-a kind look in mind for your bathroom or other space, consider teaming up with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., a family company that can supply and install your custom-cut, unusually shaped vanity mirrors!

Beveled Edge Vanity Wall Mirrors

Along with shape variations, ABC offers edge variations for vanity wall mirrors for our patrons in Alexandria and the rest of the Northern VA region. One well-loved pick is the beveled edge. This is an option that adds some detailing around the mirror, but does not go as far as actually adding a frame to the mirror glass. The beveled edge on this kind of mirror slants down and ends in a thin polished perimeter. This beveling of the mirror glass gives it a nice border and makes the mirror dressier.

Polished Edge Vanity Wall Mirrors

While beveled vanity wall mirrors are preferred by some, other homeowners treasure the simplicity of polished edge mirror glass. A mirror with this classification will have a completely flat surface that simply ends in a plain edge that is machine polished for smoothness and the removal of sharp points. Polished edge wall mirrors feature a more subtle look, and they complement many interior decorating trends. You can easily mix and match the two styles, selecting polished edge mirrors for some applications and beveled edge mirrors for others.

Framed Vanity Wall Mirrors

A third way to treat the perimeters of your vanity wall mirrors is with a frame. Alexandria, VA home decorators can use a frame to give a mirror a distinctive look. This in turn allows the mirror to more definitively match the room’s other décor elements. Framed mirrors look superb in bathroom settings, as a part of your stylish living room, hanging in a dining room, or elsewhere in your lovely home!

Classic Frame Option for Vanity Wall Mirrors

In partnership with Precision Frameworks, we offer the Classic Frame line for vanity wall mirrors of suitable shapes and sizes. These frames are placed around the mirror before we bring it to your residence for installation. The Classic Frame collection includes many items that feature diverse hues, types of finish, patterns, and widths. You find the frame or frames that blend with and enhance your room’s design; we have them placed on your selected mirrors; and glass professionals hang the mirrors where you want them!

Cutting Costs with the Value Series for Framed Wall Mirrors

If you love the idea of Classic Frames for the new vanity wall mirrors in your Alexandria home but find them too pricey, the Value Series is for you! This is a collection of mirror frames that, like Classic Frames, are attached to the mirrors and then installed in your home. However, they are more budget-friendly frames, so they may allow you to bring framed mirrors into your decorating scheme while still working within your desired home improvement budget. The Value Series also contains a variety of frame styles to fulfill your needs and décor preferences.

Easy Frame for Improving Existing Vanity Wall Mirrors

There is still one more way to utilize framed vanity wall mirrors in your home’s décor, and this is Easy Frame by Precision Frameworks. Easy Frames are mirror frames that are attached to mirrors already in place on your walls. Why might a homeowner go this route instead of ordering new mirrors in frames from the Classic or Value collection? One situation in which a client might opt for Easy Frame is when he or she is satisfied with the size and number of mirrors currently hanging in the home but wants to change their appearance by turning them into framed mirrors. A customer could also be drawn to Easy Frame as a way to switch to framed mirrors without the added cost of new mirror glass.

The Process of Adding New Vanity Wall Mirrors to Your House

Finally, here’s a quick overview of the general process of having vanity wall mirrors installed in your Alexandria residence.

  • Call or email ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. – (703)257-7150 or

  • Meet with a mirror glass technician at your home and receive a free quote.

  • Pick out your mirrors and place your order.

  • Receive a phone call from ABC when your vanity wall mirrors are ready.

  • Enjoy the ease and convenience of having your new mirrors hung by professionals.


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