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Need gym wall mirrors or another type of glass or mirror for your facility in Arlington, VA? ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is your full-service source for all that pertains to glass. Working out of Manassas Park, we are a family company that makes client satisfaction a priority. It is our goal to team up with gym owners and managers who wish to enhance the atmosphere and functionality of their weight rooms, class rooms, and other exercise spaces. To this end, we make ourselves available to meet you at your gym to discuss the possibilities for wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, or any other glass products you might need. This free consultation, which includes an estimate for the items and installation, is a fantastic way to start your improvement project, so call us now at (703)257-7150!

What kind of mirror is usually used in a gym setting?

In a gym, large wall mirrors are often the product of choice. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. sells mirrors ranging from 4’ x 10’ to 7’ x 10’, as well as custom sizes. Why are large mirrors so popular in workout facilities? In a gym, mirror glass serves as a practical tool for the members. It allows them to see their form and technique, self-correct mistakes, and keep track of their accomplishments and improvements. Gym managers, in their quest for customer satisfaction, want to make this tool available to as many members as possible, all at the same time. This is why it makes sense to simply cover a wall with mirror glass. The most seamless, flowing look is achieved by using large mirrors, so this is what most people prefer.

How are these big gym mirrors installed on the wall?

The professional glaziers at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. know how to safely hang huge gym wall mirrors in your Arlington facility’s weight training area, aerobics room, dance studio or other space. We use glue with exceptional holding power to keep the mirrors in place and firmly adhere them to the surface of the walls. We also make sure that the heavy mirror glass rests on a durable support, which can be J-channel, L-bar, floor trim, or even the floor itself.

Can you tell me more about these four options for supporting the gym wall mirrors?

Here are details on the four surfaces on which gym wall mirrors can rest –

  • Metal support that is installed for this specific purpose – There are two possibilities under this heading. We can install a metal strip that wraps around the bottom of the mirror creating a visible metallic line (J-channel). Alternatively, we can give you a frameless look with L-bar, which simply provides a narrow horizontal surface on which to set the glass.

  • Use of an existing surface for mirror support – It is also possible to set the wall mirrors on the floor or floor trim (if any). On the one hand, this saves you the cost of the metal support, but on the other it limits you as to the placement of the mirror glass.

One of our glaziers can help you figure out which of the four is the best fit for your circumstances.

Are other kinds of mirrors ever used in gyms?

In other parts of a gym, wall mirrors might not be practical or desirable. Owners and managers of gyms in Arlington should also give some attention to vanity mirrors, which are smaller and available in a wide range of shapes. The bathrooms in your gym need mirror glass above the sinks, and ABC has a variety of products from which to pick.

What are some of the possibilities for improving gym bathrooms with new vanity mirrors?

Gym proprietors can use wall mirrors or vanity mirrors to enhance the restroom by choosing products like -

  • Wall-to-wall vanity mirrors above the whole sink area.

  • Individual framed vanity mirrors above each sink.

  • Individual beveled edge or polished edge mirrors above each sink.

  • A large rectangular framed mirror above the sink area.

Which one is right for your bathroom depends on the number of sinks, the style of the bathroom, and your remodeling budget.

Is there any other way to use mirror glass in a gym setting?

In addition to gym wall mirrors and vanity mirrors, Arlington gym proprietors should also think about mirrors as part of an interior decorating effort. In the case of gym mirrors and vanity mirrors, the emphasis is on the practical function of the mirror as a tool for fitness, hygiene, or beauty. In the case of interior décor mirrors, the focus is on the aesthetic potential offered by the reflective glass itself. Paying attention to interior design details like this does make a difference in how people perceive your facility and whether they find it to be an inviting space that they wish to visit again.

What is an example of how I could use wall mirrors or other mirrors for décor purposes in my gym?

The aesthetic characteristics of your gym can indeed be impacted by wall mirrors or smaller pieces of mirror glass. Perhaps your gym includes a lobby or front desk area. This is probably the first space that prospective members see when they visit your center, so you want it to be classy and welcoming. The attractive inclusion of mirrors in chic frames could help you achieve this objective. Alternatively, a large wall mirror could make the lobby feel roomier while highlighting the attractive chairs and end table you place in front of it.

Is there another example of how to use mirrors for gym décor?

Here is one more example of how a gym can be upgraded with wall mirrors used for decorating purposes. Many Arlington, VA gyms include childcare rooms, and it is important for these areas to be cheerful and bright. A big mirror can make a small childcare room appear and feel more spacious. It can also reflect the light from your lamps or ceiling lights, thus allowing you to make the space brighter without installing more light fixtures.

For what applications are beveled and framed mirrors available?

For large gym wall mirrors in spaces where fitness activities are carried out, we use the polished edge. This allows for a more seamless look where mirrors meet up to form a completely mirror-covered wall. (Polished edge mirrors have flat surfaces and no angle around the perimeter.) In other parts of your workout center, however, framed and beveled mirrors are wonderful options. These edging options are possible when working with more modestly sized mirrors which are not adjacent to other mirrors.

What are some of the possibilities for mirror frames?

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers gym owners frames from Precision Frameworks for their wall mirrors. Whether the décor of your Arlington gym’s restrooms, reception area, and childcare center is modern, formal, or retro, the Precision Frameworks collection has something that will match. The available frames showcase many different colors, wooden looks, metallic looks, textured surfaces, smooth surfaces and more.

What if I want a framed mirror but like the mirror glass that is already up?

In this circumstance, you will want to ask about EasyFrame for the mirror on your gym wall. This involves highlighting existing mirrors by adding frames to them. EasyFrame products include assorted choices in –

  • Color.

  • Finish.

  • Frame width.

  • General style.

  • Glass shower doors and enclosures.

  • Frameless steam shower enclosures.

  • Glass backsplashes.

  • Partitions made from privacy glass or opaque acrylic sheeting.

  • Back-painted glass wall coverings for hygiene and aesthetic appeal.

  • Safety glass.

  • Replacement glass.

  • Fire-rated glass.

  • Glass entry doors.

  • Glass storefronts.

The free consultation with one of our team members is the perfect setting for learning more about how glass can enhance your workout facility!

What are some of the benefits of working with ABC for my gym wall mirror project?

Getting your gym wall mirrors from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is a smart move because –

  • We are a family business that strives to offer individualized care to each project.

  • Happy clients are a main priority for us.

  • Our customer care has earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

  • The ABC team brings years of experience to your glass project.

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